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Santa stops in at ACF’s Christmas event

The five Kenoyer children of River Place get some time with Santa at ACF on Saturday. Jet, 11, wants a guitar and a hoverboard and Jace, 9, wants a PlayStation 4 Pro. Jax, 5, Jude, 4, and their sister Jamison, 4, all were onto another activity before sharing their wish list. LYNETTE HAALAND

Austin Christian Fellowship hosted Saturday with Santa over the weekend where Santa was the guest of honor. Children took the opportunity to sits on Santa’s lap and share what they want for Christmas. The Dec. 8 event featured a photo booth, crafts and a hot chocolate bar. Families also created holiday gifts for elderly and disabled residents of the Lakeside Apartments in Austin, which ACF has been serving for over two years.

Photos by Lynette Haaland

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Giving Portraits helps families & lifts poverty in India

By SARAH DOOLITTLE, Four Points News

Steiner Ranch resident Animon Jose has begun another year of fundraising with his charitable project, Giving Portraits, to help less fortunate in India while helping local families with their family Christmas card photos.

Every year in December, Jose, a computer programmer by trade, rents a local photography studio and invites anyone to sign up for family or individual photos. In lieu of payment, Jose asks for donations of any amount, which he then donates to a charity in India.

Jose and his wife, Suja, and their daughter Anupriya and son Pranav all help with Giving Portraits. Even now with his daughter away at university studying biomedical engineering and his son a busy sophomore at Vandegrift, Giving Portraits is a family affair.

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Oak pruning season is here Helps prevent oak wilt, Update on Steiner’s oak wilt case

Oak wilt disease is prevalent in these oak tree leaves. Courtesy Texas A&M Forest Service/April Rose, City of Austin

By LESLEE BASSMAN, Four Points News

While many may be focused on Christmas trees right now, oak trees may also need attention as it is prime time to trim both.  

Experts agree that trimming limbs off oaks from Feb. 1 – June 30 puts the trees at a greater risk of becoming infected with oak wilt, a disease that cannot only shut down the system of a tree but spread throughout neighborhoods, changing their landscapes. Steiner Ranch has a case of oak wilt.

“I think the pruning dates [for oak trees] are really important,” said Don Gardner, an ISA certified arborist who practices across from Steiner Ranch on Lake Austin.

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