Viper Boys Soccer Spotlight

Photo Texas Photography

Photo Texas Photography

1 Nick Breining MF, FORW Sr.

2 Brandon Leck D Sr.

3 Jake Nowak FORW Jr.

4 Stephen Guastella FB, GK Sr.

5 Cody Walther So.

6 Curren Kelly FB So.

7 Jackson Harris MF, STRK So.

8 Jeff Willoughby MF Sr.

9 Jakob Schnell D Sr.

10 Culver Sumner STRK So.

11 JT Lackey MF Jr.

12 Marcus Codrescu MF So.

13 Yannick Heard D Sr.

14 Jack Porch MF Fr.

15 Jacob Riedel MF Jr.

16 Austin Morrow MF Jr.

17 Alec McKeand MF Sr.

18 Santi Munoz MF Fr.

20 Luis Keetley MF Jr.

33 Chandler Marr GK Sr.


With Chad Aldrich, Boys Soccer Heach Coach


1. What has to happen for the Viper your team to end the season successfully?

Tradition is huge at Vandegrift and moving forward, we strive to be in the top three in district and make playoffs. Our district is nothing less than difficult no matter what the record says for any team on any given night.

2. What is your biggest challenge this season?

Defining our 1st half of play of the team we know we can be and should be. We tend to have a strong 2nd half, but getting past a mental barrier in the 1st half has to be the biggest challenge.

 3. Who is Vandegrift’s biggest rival?

Cedar Park. 100% of our kids broke off from Cedar Park five years ago when we first built and they naturally became our rivalry match. And each match has proven just as tough as the one before.

4. What has surprised you most in this season?

The way we respond as a team in match situations and knowing what we need to accomplish to reach our goals. This is our 3rd round of seniors to come through Vandegrift and you can see the work they have put in over the years to maintain tradition and work ethics.

5. Do you have an interesting story to share about the team that most would not know about?

I don’t think we have ever had a preseason with at least 80% health on the team. Seems like we miss out on 4-6 players every preseason due to various health issues. Be great one year to break that trend to progress the team as a whole from the start instead of a match before district.

 Full report on pg 10 of the March 5, 2014 edition.