Local teen rises in country music, First album “Maybe More”

By KIM ESTES, Four Points News

Bethany Becker, a 16-year-old Grandview Hills resident, has a Nashville-produced CD called “Maybe More,” and she was nominated for two country music awards and also she received the Young Artist Award at the 31st annual Mid-Atlantic Song Competition by the Songwriters’ Association of Washington.

Becker’s response to her rise in the competitive country music industry betrayed her deliberate efforts. She said, “…it’s out of my control”.

Her story has charm, but it also has sacrifice and commitment.

“It’s really exciting,” Becker said. “God has opened so many doors; it’s out of my control.”

She recalled first grade, “when everyone wants to be a rock star.” Most move on to find something they want more. But Becker did not. She held on to her childhood dream and made connections.Bethany-118-3142491066-O bethany

At 13, Becker attended the Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ convention in Orlando, where she dropped off a CD of her performing three songs: “White Horse” by Taylor Swift, “When I Look at You” by Miley Cyrus, and “Headphones” by Britt Nicole.

No one called for several months, until one day, a New York City entertainment specialist telephoned, said she listened to the CD, and referred Becker to three music consultants.

From there, Becker went to Nashville and met with songwriters, Liz Rose, who shares a Grammy with Swift for “White Horse”, and Keith and Adrienne Follese. The four then collaborated on Becker’s first CD, “Maybe More”, which features a song of the same title plus two others, “Right Place Wrong Time” and “We Can Save Us”.

The Hollywood Music in Media Awards board nominated “Right Place Wrong Time” for best country song and Becker’s music video, “Maybe More,” for best video.

Becker has returned to Nashville twice since her first visit. She marvels at her progress. “When I first started (in the industry),” she said, “I couldn’t play an instrument. I had no training in country or pop music.”

So, she made changes. First, she withdrew from Vandegrift High School, where she was a freshman in advanced academic classes. She also gave up her spot on the VHS Vision dance team and participation in choir and theater. Then, she enrolled in One Day Academy and signed up for guitar lessons and vocal training.

Her academic studies never missed a beat and she recently scored in the 95th percentile on the PSAT.

It was a little more difficult, however, to adjust to the decline in social activities. She said, “At first, I missed it, but if I had stayed I wouldn’t have time for guitar or vocal training. I also have friends through church and I really enjoy them.”

Additionally, Becker has the distraction, and support, of a large family, including four brothers. They are Blake, a freshman at Texas State University, and Brandon, an eighth grader at Four Points Middle School. Fifth grader, Brady, and third grader, Blaine, attend Grandview Hills Elementary. Her mother, Mary Beth, is a stay-at-home mom and her father, Jerry, is executive director of business model transformation at Dell.

Three years have passed since the AMTC convention and Becker talks with careful valor and – well – like a singer/songwriter. “I don’t think there’s a moment when I’ll think I have arrived. It’s more about the journey. There’s a lot I want to do.”

She adds, “If I discover, though, that music is not part of my future, I’ll pray about it and find something else to do. It won’t be the end of the world, because it’s not the entire world. I’ll trust God; it’s just all beyond my control.”

For information on Becker’s CD, appearance schedule, and social media accounts go to www.bethanybecker.com. Her music is available on Itunes and other online music providers.