Four Points supports VHS junior Greenamyre after father’s death

Troy Greenamyre, Vandegrift junior

Kurt Greenamyre Jan. 23, 1959 – May 12, 2017

Funds being raised for Viper’s future

Four Points News

Vandegrift High School junior Troy Greenamyre has been embraced by the Four Points community since his father’s unexpected death on May 12. Kurt Greenamyre was raising Troy on his own, and since his death, family friends Cathy and Rod Kirkpatrick have welcomed Troy into their home, and a GoFundMe page has been established to raise funds for Troy’s ongoing financial needs.

Mary Scherer’s son Will is a friend and Viper football teammate to 17-year-old Troy, and she has enjoyed, “watching them grow up together.”

Scherer created a trust and GoFundMe page with the help of others, “to enable Troy to finish out his final year of high school alongside his friends, in the community that he knows. More importantly, a solid financial base will enable him to dream big about his future… Our goal is to assist Troy in reaching his full potential — he is an incredible kid thrust into this tragedy,” Scherer said.

In less than a week, more than $40,000 has been raised with a long-term goal of $100,000. The funds are going into the trust and will help finance Troy’s needs through his remaining year of high school and four years of college.

“College was extremely important to Troy’s dad,” said Cathy Kirkpatrick.

Besides his financial needs, the Kirkpatricks are opening their home and family to Troy so he can remain in his school and community. “Our sons Alex and Zach have been great friends with Troy for several years. He spent a lot of time at our house throughout the last couple of years,” explained Cathy Kirkpatrick. “Troy has always had a smile on his face.”

In the wake of his father’s death, “Troy is taking it day by day,” Kirkpatrick said.. “We see glimpses of smiles and happiness more each day; however, he misses his dad terribly. He’s immersed himself into his friends, our family and other adult mentors.”

Troy also has two adult sisters, Elyse, 26 and Bria, 22.

“Troy has been embraced and supported by his family, friends, neighbors and community,” Scherer said. He still has a long road ahead of him, though. “Given the enormity of this loss, he is doing amazing but he will need continued support in the weeks, months and years ahead,” she added.

In addition to donations to the GoFundMe campaign, the community has reached out in other ways to help. Troy and his team of caregivers have received free legal advice. River Place Country Club and a team of seven families organized a memorial for Troy’s father. Besides the support of his friends, teachers and coaches, “others have assisted with logistics and connections have been made to resources for support for Troy’s  overall well- being,” said Kirkpatrick. “It really is a testament to the Four Points community at-large to have the support we have seen thus far.”

Beyond his financial needs, Troy is a child grieving the loss of his father. “Troy enjoys talking about his dad as much as possible… He desperately wants to be happy and is willing to help himself get to that point,” said Kirkpatrick.

Anyone wanting to learn more or to donate can visit Troy’s GoFundMe page at