New storage unit project with road improvements

Endeavor Real Estate Group’s storage unit project rendering located on the north leg of City Park Road at RM 2222.

Self storage buildings under construction at City Park Road and RM 2222 are to be completed by next summer. Road improvements are a required part of the project. 

This Endeavor Real Estate Group project is located at 65001 ½ RM 2222 at the north leg of City Park Road, according to the Lake Austin Collective, Inc.

The development will consist of three buildings – one for a small office and two storage buildings, each of which will be no more than 53 feet in height. One storage building will be over 46,000-square-feet while the other will be 59,000- square-feet. There will be shielded lighting on the site as well.

The site is 13.9 acres and the storage units will be limited to 470 trips per day.

Endeavor is also required to make additional improvements to the area, including:

  • Improve signal timing at the intersection of West Courtyard and Loop 360, not to exceed $5,000
  • Add a three-car length queuing turn lane on City Park Rd approaching RM 2222 intersection (meaning there will still be two left-turn lanes, but in the future, there will be two right-turn lanes from City Park Road onto RM 2222).

Lake Austin Collective is a Texas 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that advocates for and empowers Lake Austin area neighbors, and works to protect the “beautiful and irreplaceable Hill Country”. The 2022 Lake Austin Collective directors are Linda Bailey, Marisa Barreda Lipscher, Patrick Scott, Susan Kimbrough, and Bill Moore.