Homeless people asked to leave Steiner Ranch green spaces

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

In the past several weeks, the Steiner Ranch HOA has received multiple calls from residents who have witnessed people who may be homeless in the community.

“A camp was discovered outside the River Heights Overlook subdivision, and several people were escorted from the property,” according to an email from the HOA.

“There is a decent amount of wooded area back there with trails,” shared Kristen Dark, spokesperson with Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

There have been no arrests or cases filed in Steiner Ranch because those who were camping in Steiner left.

“They were asked to leave and they did,” Dark said.  

As the law goes, if a property owner – in this case the HOA – asks them to leave and they do not leave, then they can be issued a criminal trespass warning, Dark said. After that, if they do not leave, they can be arrested.

The HOA email shared that the Travis County Sheriff’s Office has been very prompt in responding to calls about homeless people in the community.