Happy 102nd birthday to local Four Points WW II Marine

Four Points resident Orville Brauss is celebrated at Longhorn Village for turning 102.
Photos by Rylie Lockerman

By RYLIE LOCKERMAN, Four Points News

On September 9, laughter, testimonials and reminiscing filled the Forty Acres Hall at Longhorn Village in celebration of resident Orville Brauss. Following a life of serving in the Marine Corps during World War II and the Korean War, Brauss is surrounded by beloved friends and family for his 102 birthday. 

Brauss fulfilled a life of adventure, love and service to his home country. In 1942, he joined the Marine Corps, was given the title of Captain and Company Commander, and later went on to serve in war as well as be present in the first Okinawa invasion. His command stretched until the Korean War came to an end in 1953. 

“I really wasn’t in uniform all that long. I was in and out,” Brauss said. “I enjoyed my work in the Marine Corps. I really did.” 

Upon his arrival at Longhorn Village, Brauss took part in activities including detailed pencil-line drawing, and he was a member of their “Sip and Sing” band as a drummer. To include a musical element in the celebration, a few residents brought ukuleles to play for him. Additional songs were performed by close friends and residents such as “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” and “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie”. 

Brauss is Longhorn Village’s oldest resident.

“Orville is such a joy to have around,”said Elizabeth, a Longhorn Village employee. “I love it when he attends all of our activities. For the most part he is a real trooper about it, so it’s just a joy to have him with us. We love him.” 

Prior to joining the Marine Corps, Brauss’ passion for baseball was reflected in his college scholarships to both the University of Atlanta Georgia, and the University of Missouri. After college, he worked for an oil company which required an immense amount of traveling. At 63 years old, Brauss retired​ and eventually moved to ​Longhorn Village.

“It has been a long time but he really has appreciated all the support he’s got here at Longhorn Village and both independent and over in the skilled nursing,” said John Brauss, son of  Orville Brauss. “He’s surprised that everybody showed up. I think he recognizes a few faces but it gets harder as the years start to add up.” 

As a gift from his loved ones, a large birthday card was made, plastered with photos from his past, significant timestamps, and specially written notes. 

“Those are very memorable pictures. It has all of the pictures of my true life,” said the honorary Brauss. “I love it, I just love it and I thank everyone very much [who signed my card]. My lovely wife passed away about eight years ago, and everything is right as it was, just very excellent.” 

Texas Veterans Hall of Fame representative, Diana Mason, presented Brauss with the prestigious award that congratulated and honored him for being an honorably discharged Veteran who served as both Captain and Company Commander and has been a resident of Texas for more than seven years.

“Our mission with the Texas Veterans Hall of Fame is to honor all Texas veterans for their service, sacrifice and accomplishments,” Mason said. “That’s what this is all about. It is housed in Denton, Tex. and preserves the history and stories of our Texas Veterans and that’s where his story becomes important. It is my honor to present Orville with his Patriot Award.” 

In St. Louis on June 7, 1947, Brauss married his wife who would have been 65 years if not for her passing. They went on to have three boys, one girl, and were constantly traveling to new locations to live in. 

“He is a wonderful father, a leader in every aspect of his life,” daughter of Brauss, Beth Brauss, said. “He was a leader in Boy Scouts and baseball for my brothers. Always cheered me on in all of my activities.”

Photos by Rylier Lockerman and Patrick Lockerman