River Ridge Winter Party included entire RRE community

Photo credit:

Heather Tankersley



River Ridge PTA VP of Membership Sabrina Wymore had the vision going into this school year to create an amazing experience for the students and to bring families, teachers and kids together for a special holiday event.

“The Winter Wonderland was epic,” shared parent Analee Ward. “I am blown away by this school! By the PTA! By the community! Thank you!”

At the event, after going through a magical tunnel, attendees entered an indoor winter amusement park, complete with a “snow” machine.

The school-wide event broke the mold of classroom parties and brought different grades and classes, as well as parents, together to create connection and build community.

The PTA spearheaded the planning and execution to take the burden off teachers, who typically plan holiday parties for their classrooms.

Kids and parents alike enjoyed the event immensely, and the result was above and beyond what the PTA even imagined.

It was a great time celebrating the holidays and love for one another, in an incredibly fun way.

“A heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ to our incredible PTA, fabulous volunteers, and dedicated teachers at River Ridge Elementary,” shared another parent Michelle Arendall. “What an amazing holiday party! From the festive decorations to the joyful activities, you’ve truly outdone yourselves this year. The laughter and smiles on our kids’ faces were priceless—making this party the best in River Ridge history!”

Arendall praised the hard work and dedication of those who thought of every detail and creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

“We’re so grateful for your commitment to making our school community shine,” Arendall shared. “Here’s to the fantastic team that made this holiday season truly unforgettable!”