Protest at University of Texas leads to 79 arrests on April 29, by May 1 all have been released

Protesters chant “off our campus” to law enforcement at the University of Texas at Austin on Apr. 29, 2024. Credit: Leila Saidane for The Texas Tribune


All 79 pro-Palestinian protesters arrested on Monday, April 29 at the University of Texas have been released as of Wednesday afternoon, according to Kristen Dark, public information officer for the Travis County sheriff’s office.

Posted April 30, 2024

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

A total of 79 people were booked into the Travis County Jail in association with the protest on the University of Texas campus on Monday, April 29, according to Kristen Dark, Travis County Sheriff’s Office public information officer.

The pro-Palestinian protest has been going on for a week at UT.  

The University of Texas Police Department is the arresting agency for 75 of them. The Austin Police Department is the arresting agency for 4 of them, Dark shared.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that more than half of the protesters arrested Monday were not UT students.

Of those arrested, 78 are charged with Criminal Trespass. One of them has an additional charge of Obstructing a Highway or Passageway. One of the people arrested is charged with Interfering with Public Duties, Dark shared.

The Texas Tribune reports that Travis County Attorney Delia Garza — who dropped all criminal charges against 57 protesters who were arrested during another demonstration last week — said on April 30 that law enforcement provided “more detailed, more substantive” paperwork when they filed charges related to the most recent arrests. Garza has said she dismissed the previous charges because law enforcement lacked probable cause. Probable cause is the reason law enforcement provides to justify arrests.

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