Four Points H-E-B’s freezers are fixed

From Xavier Vasquez, Unit Director at Four Points H-E-B 

Update as of Fri., July 19 @ 7:45 a.m.

I’m happy to report that as of this morning (Friday) we are well underway to restocking ALL of our frozen merchandise! Last night we have an army of H-E-B Partners (many from other stores) help us stock two trailers of frozen merchandise. We are currently reordering merchandise that did not come in. Today we will also see vendors restock their frozen merchandise as well.

So, after a very long week and a half we are happy to report that we are just about back to normal business. We are very grateful for everyone’s patience throughout this unprecedented event.

Update as of Wed., July 17 @ 6 p.m.

We want to again thank our friends and our community for their continued support.  As of this afternoon we are still without use of all our frozen cases.  However, we are at a point of testing and tweaking the system repairs and expect to have use of all frozen cases by late Thursday evening.  If all goes well we expect to be back in stock on all frozen merchandise by Saturday morning.  Your “4-Points” H-E-B family and friends appreciate the opportunity to serve our community.

Update as of Tues., July 16 @ 6:45 a.m.

In short, there is no change in status. We still do not have any of our frozen cases up and running. The rain caused a slow-down on progress yesterday but we have crews on sight doing all they can to get us back on track.

All other departments are up and running. Bakery is improving in-stocks as the days progress.

We want to thank our friends in the community who continue to support us. We saw many of them return to our store for their shopping needs on Sunday and Monday. Our 4-points H-E-B family was very glad to see them. And we are looking forward to seeing them soon again!

Update as of Sat., July 13 @ 8 p.m.

Late Saturday evening we developed another unexpected issue with our Frozen refrigeration system.  And unfortunately this will prevent us from offering any frozen merchandise on Sunday.  We continue to work the problem and hope that we may be able to stock this merchandise on Monday.  As for the rest of the store we are stocked in all departments and will receive additional merchandise to allow us to meet our customers’ needs on Sunday and beyond.  We appreciate everyone’s patience. 

Update as of Sat., July 13 @ 8 a.m.

We are well on our way to getting back in-stock in most of our perishable departments.  With the exception of a few items we cannot get from our warehouses we are 100% back in business in Produce and Dairy (milk is being stocked right now).  Our Market department is stocked with our breakfast, cheese, and lunch meats.  We are currently processing our in-house Fresh meat and will be better in in-stock as the morning progresses.  In our Deli department we are in the process of setting up our full-service meats and cheeses and will be able to serve our customers this morning.

We will not have any frozen merchandise to offer our customers today but expect to have this available Sunday morning.  Finally, we will have very limited offerings in our Bakery department but expect to be back in business in this department by noon Sunday.

Update as of Fri., July 12 @ 3 p.m.

We will not have any refrigeration today. We are still open for business otherwise. We expect to begin to bring in merchandise for our Produce, Market, Deli, and Dairy departments. These will come on line as soon as we receive and stock product from our warehouses.

We ask for and thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we work to quickly restock our shelves. And we are especially looking forward to taking care of 100% of our customers’ needs.

Update as of Thurs. 3 p.m.

  • Still do not have any refrigeration up and running.
  • The earliest we can expect some refrigeration to come on line will be late night tonight, if things work out.  Other systems may come on line but we’re not ready to say for sure.
  • We are open for business but just like yesterday, we do not have any perishable merchandise except for some produce and limited frozen items.
  • We’ll expect the same for tomorrow until systems come back on line.

As of Thurs. 8:30 a.m.

  • Our store suffered equipment failure that led to loss of refrigeration across the entire store (A/C was not affected) on Monday afternoon.  The decision was made to close the store down around 8:30 pm when it became evident perishable merchandise became compromised.  We did this in the interest of our customers’ safety.
  • Because of the nature of the failure we were not able to salvage our perishable merchandise.  Consequently, it was all destroyed.
  • The severity of the failure required equipment to be shipped from other locations.  This along with the time it takes to install the new equipment is what has delayed our ability to offer perishable merchandise for sale.
  • We did not open the store for business all day Tuesday (except for Pharmacy and our in-store bank) because of the damaged merchandise and our need to destroy the merchandise and clean up the perishable cases.  We reopened for business today at 6am but do not have any perishable merchandise to sell, with the exception of some Produce merchandise.  But all other areas of the store are open for business.
  • We do not anticipate to have refrigeration up and running until mid morningThursday at the earliest, but that can change depending on progress of equipment installation.


photos by Suzanne Glenn

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