Dual turn lanes at 620/2222 to be done Oct; Raised median to be added


Construction is expected to wrap up in October on the dual right-turn lanes from northbound RM 620 to eastbound RM 2222.


Recent work has focused on relocating drainage and other utilities.

Rich Keith

Rich Keith

The road will be widened considerably and a raised triangle median will be built separating the right-turn traffic from the other traffic at the intersection, said Kelli Reyna, Texas Department of Transportation spokesperson.


“The project has started and everything is going well, at this point,” she said.

 Construction is expected to last approximately 80 days.

Rich Keith

Rich Keith

The new dual right-turn lanes will extend well beyond Walgreen’s, and ultimately left-turns into Walgreens from RM 620 are expected to be disallowed.


Left-turns into Walgreens are disallowed today from 2222 but city enforcement is lacking.


The 2222 Coalition of Neighborhood Associations is actively trying to increase traffic enforcement for illegal maneuvers such as left-turns from 2222 into Walgreens and other places including left turns into McDonalds and WalMart, according to Carol Torgrimson of 2222CONA. They have achieved moderate success but are advocating for more enforcement to keep RM 620’s roadway with its posted 65-mph road safer.