New UIL enrollment brackets affect sports classifications in LISD

By SCOTT W. COLEMAN, Hill Country News

The University Interscholastic League, the governing body of Texas high school sports, on Monday released the new enrollment brackets that will be used to determine the all-important classifications for football and basketball for the 2014-16 seasons.

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One of the most talked-about changes is the implementation of a Class 6A. However, the new classification isn’t exactly what many were expecting. Instead of separating the largest schools in the state, the changes primarily shift the majority of schools in the current Class 5A into the new 6A, while what has been a separate classification for the smallest schools playing six-man football will now become the new 1A.

Based on the most recent snapshot numbers submitted to the UIL on Oct. 25, the change will place Rouse in the new Class 6A along with the larger schools in the area. Some of those schools expected to play in 6A include Round Rock, Cedar Ridge, Hendrickson, Westwood, McNeil, Stony Point and Lake Travis.

The other four Leander ISD schools would play in Class 5A (the same as the current Class 4A). All of this would still change again in the not-too-distant future, as Vandegrift’s enrollment has risen rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue that trend. Also, LISD’s High School Six is expected to open in the fall of 2015, drawing students from the northern end of the district.

The actual realignment of districts won’t be announced until February. However, because so many schools will be impacted by the upcoming changes, the UIL decided to release the new enrollment brackets in advance.

Class 6A:     2,100+

Class 5A:     1,060-2,099

Class 4A:     Division I: 686-1,059

Class 4A:     Division II: 465-685

Class 3A:     Division I: 315-464

Class 3A:     Division II: 220-314

Class 2A:     Division I: 158-219

Class 2A:     Division II: 105-157

Class 1A:     Division I: 55-104.9

Class 1A:     Division II: 54 and fewer

Classifications apply to football and basketball. Divisional  playoff brackets apply to football only.

Most Recent UIL Snapshot Enrollment Numbers:

Rouse            2,138

Leander         2,008

Vista Ridge     1,994

Vandegrift      1,879

Cedar Park     1,847

As of Oct. 25, 2013