Letters to Santa from local first-graders

From  Lareina Curtis-Wellings’ first grade class at Steiner Ranch Elementary:


Dear Santa,

I hope you can give me a huge stuffed animal. If you can’t that’s fine.

Santa can please give me a iphone five. If you can’t that is fine.

Love, Mira


Dear Santa,

All i will want is a hipopudumis. I will want a robot. I will want a xdox three sixde.

I will want a pes of Love.

Love Greyson


Dear Santa,

When my sitter Avery is mean to me, I don’t hit her back.

I want a Amircen gril dool. The Big barbie dream house. The sofia the first castal.

Love Presley

By Erin S. Seitzler  fourth-grader SRE

By Erin S. Seitzler, SRE fourth-grader

Dear Santa,

for Christmas I want a big dog

for Christmas I want a Ipod for Christmas.

Love regan


Dear Santa,

I have been very good.

Can you get me a trampaline for Christmas.

Toby has been very good at are house.

Love Devyn


Dear Santa,

Thank you Santa for sending the elfs.

Wut I want: I wont a pink bike with traning wellse.

PS: cn it be a Hello Kitey bike?

love: Taylor


Dear Santa,

I want a Wii. I want a cat. I want skylanders. I want a RAIN DEER.

I want a TMNT.

love Jamie


Dear Santa,

If you come to my home at eight-o-clock I will give you a gift and please give me and my brother all on our list.

Love, Finn


Dear Santa,

This time of season means a fun time to me. I would like you to bring me a little hut wher jesus was born, some magical crayons and a nut cracker.

Love, Kjell


Dear Santa,

This season means giveing to othvr. So pleas give every buddy a presents this year. I woold lik a ameracen girl doll with earrings.

Thank you, Santa. Love, Ava


From Kelly Killingsworth’s first-grade class at Laura W. Bush Elementary

Dear Santa,

One of your efs are here. He is watching us. We are being good.

Santa this is what I want for Christmas: a card from you.

There will be some mik and cookies on the cowner.

I am going to give presents to other kids that do not have any toys.



Dear Santa,

Thank you for the presents last year you gave me.

I was so exided when I got my secret present the snowman. He was so cute.

This year I am really hoping for my secret polerbear, lots of art supplies, Mario Cart Wii, fureal bunny rabbit, and a stuffed animal crocodill and lion beenie boo.

Our cookies are going to be on the fire place.

Have a very merry Christmas.

love Mia

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the white puppy from last year. I named her Snow Flake.

This year I want a monster high doll with a cat costume, only rainbow loom ruber bans with silver and gold, and more monster high dolls.

love Tyler

Dear Santa,

I would like a rainbow loom, and a puppy stuffed animal, los of art supplies, an American Girl Doll, And a stuff animal Elf.

Be careful.

And a Frbe.

There will be milk and cookies for you on the table by the fire pas.

By Annie

Dear Santa,

One of your elfs has made a rambo loom.

We are making cookies and milk.

Have I been good, write here:______________________________

I want the movie Frozen, a 20 inch bike and a Leap pad.

Merry Christmas!


Dear Santa,

I will leeve ots on my backyard. Your rainder can eat it.

I want a Lego architecture set.

I have been good.


Ryan M

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeers.

Have I been good or bad?

I want a wii game named Star Wars.

I also want 2 more wii games named wii Resort and wii Sports

The last thing I want is a fat, fat race track.

I want lots of presents.

Dear Santa,

I want a video camera, a pocket knife, and a Jak ad Ane book.

I also want bike, animal dog, and a gold train.

How do you deliver so many presents so fast?



Dear Santa,

I want one video game called White Out Wii. I want Mario Cart, Wii Sear Horos.

I want the Foorts Police Station the cogo air plane and the blue plane.

Thank you for bringing us presents.



Santa can you bring more pony?

I want some carrots for my Bunny.

Can you bring chocolates for me?

I want sqinkes.

Love Miranda

Dear Santa,

I want a stuffed animal Creeper. It is little.

Also I want rainbow looms, iphone, wii, Legos that are city, Skylanders, Swap Fores, Paper, Mario DS game.

There will be reindeer food outside.

love: Carter

Dear Santa,

I would like a T-rex dinosaur for Christmas. I want carrots for my snowman.

Can I also have a super car?

I will leave cookies and milk by the front door.

Love, G

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the presents.

I want a video game. It is a base ball game.

I want a zomr.

I am going to California.

Love Ethan

Dear Santa,

I want a stuffed Dog and a Bitty Baby and a zipline that you sit on and a train.

Please bring some thing for maya and Toffee.

How do you get the pressents here?

love: Amelia