Affidavit tells Wyzykowski drove 80 to 100 MPH, was “uncooperative, indifferent and cocky” at the scene

Four Points News obtained the Travis County affidavit for warrant of arrest and detention for Nicholas Michael Justin Wyzykowski, who is charged with 19 felony charges including manslaughter for the deaths of Peggy Howard and her son Cale.

The affidavit includes many details including these facts:

  • That a witness to the accident helped Wyzykowski out of his pickup before he fled the scene and didn’t render aid to the victims in the two other vehicles.
  • Officer Foster noticed that Wyzykowskis eyes were bloodshot and watery… his speech was slurred. Wyzykowski mumbled when he spoke and swayed and described his attitude as uncooperative, indifferent and cocky.
  • The rate of speed reported by a witness —  between 80 and 100 miles per hour on FM 620 — matched the crash scene.