Specialty fish & supply shop opens in Steiner

LogoBy VAL OLIVAS, Four Points News

Mark Schindel is turning his hobby into a business and recently opened specialty fish and supply store A fishie anado in Quinlan Crossing in Steiner Ranch.

“I look forward to bringing a fishie anado to the Austin community,” Schindel said.

Mark Schindel at his new specialty fish show.

Mark Schindel at his new specialty fish show.

He co-owns the fish store with his  and his father, Michael Schindel, of Westlake. They saw a need for a specialty fish shop in Four Points and think the new shopping center is a good fit. They opened August 30.

Front SignThe shop — whose name was inspired by Cigar Aficionado Magazine — provides a full range of fish to accommodate the first-time fish owner to the experienced one.

It carries readymade aquarium kits ranging in sizes from 10 to 50 gallon tanks to custom-made aquariums. Schindel is considering offering a jellyfish aquarium as well.

A fishie anado also carries common fish like goldfish as well as unique types including freshwater fish, African and South American Cichlids. Additionally the shop accepts special requests for fish from its customers.

Schindel learned about the varieties of and ideal environments for fish while working at a pet store, the east coast equivalent of Petco, while he was earning a graphic design degree while attending Parsons The New School of Design in New York City.

“We carry fish best suited for Austin’s higher pH-balanced water so customers don’t need to make large adjustments to their tanks,” he said.

Schindel hopes to deliver beyond what’s available at the “big box stores.”

Within the next six weeks, he is due to add a saltwater tank to his shop. Schindel is also working to acquire a coral tank and small freezer for live and frozen food.

A fishie anado offers both live and imitation plants for tank décor.

“I prefer to supply the live plants for customers. The plants make better filters, fish de-stressers and look better than plastic décor,” he said.

A fishie anado also offers other products including fish food, plant food, medication and testing kits.

A fishie anado offers home service for pond cleaning as well as aquarium installation and maintenance.

“If a customer decides he likes the aquarium, but doesn’t have the time or desire to maintain it, I will come out and provide that service,” Schindel said.