FPMS’ Majestics featured in Macy’s Parade


By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

The Four Points Middle School Majestics dance team was part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade where long rehearsals and dedication paid off.

Thirty four Majestics made the trip to New York City over the Thanksgiving break.

“The first three days, we had six- to nine-hour rehearsals,” said Kelly Mabry, Majestics director. “Our girls were top notch all the way.”macy's parade majestics majestics 2015 macy parade a

The local team was the only middle school team part of a larger group that performed together, totaling over 700 high school dancers from all over the U.S., Mabry said.

She couldn’t be with them on the floor as they rehearsed in the ballroom but they took what they learned and carried it through masterfully, she said.ballroom practice Majestics, etc

In preparation for the parade, the Majestics ordered their costumes and learned the “Spirit of America” routine from a video months prior. Once all of the hundreds of dancers were together in NYC, the routine was changed slightly.

“The first few days we polished up the routine, and then we performed in front of the NBC producers and TV crew so they could see if they liked it and how it would look on camera,” Mabry said.

Thanksgiving day the Majestics lined up with the other dancers at 6 a.m., waiting for the three-hour parade to start at 9 a.m. The parade route was 52 blocks running 2.7 miles.Ainsley Harris in Parade (1)

“I’ve taken other high school teams to the Macy’s parade, but never a group this large, and I’ve never seen a team work so hard. They motivated each other and kept each other on task,” said Mabrey, who was teary-eyed when sharing how proud she was about this team.Lisa Gilbert photo Macy's

The Majestics who danced in the parade this year included eighth and ninth graders who were part of the winning team last year. The Majestics qualified to perform in the Macy’s Parade last year at the American Dance/Drill Team competition, where it was one of the top groups among high school and middle school teams.12301498_929269310472424_3190216651360688427_n(1)12278638_929269607139061_6434531369552332493_n

During their six-day stay in New York City, the Majestics did some sightseeing including trips to the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. They took in several broadway shows including “Hamilton” and they also saw the Rockettes.

“It was a huge team effort from dancers and parents,” Mabry said.


Majestics in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Ainsley Harris 8th Grade – FPMS
Alex Fruge’ 8th Grade – FPMS
Arianna Grandi 8th Grade – FPMS
Ashley Jacobson 8th Grade – FPMS
Codi Farmer 8th Grade – FPMS
Elaina Eichorn 9th Grade – VHS
Emily Bostic 9th Grade – VHS
Eva Froehlich 9th Grade – VHS
Faith Tompkins 9th Grade – VHS
Isabel Mendoza 8th Grade – FPMS
Isabella Verratti 9th Grade – VHS
Jacey Payne 8th Grade – FPMS
Jacqueline Hirschhorn 8th Grade – FPMS
Jessica Graber 8th Grade – FPMS
Jorja Smitherman 8th Grade – FPMS
Kate McCarley 8th Grade – FPMS
Kate Stephens 9th Grade – VHS
Katelyn Tullos 9th Grade – VHS
Kylie Difenthaler 8th Grade – FPMS
Lauren Maunder 9th Grade – VHS
Marissa Gilbert 8th Grade – FPMS
Megan Messer 9th Grade – VHS
Megan Williams 8th Grade – FPMS
Natasha Richtermeyer 8th Grade – FPMS
Olivia Kirchoff 8th Grade – FPMS
Rachael Bischof 8th Grade – FPMS
Sam Lambrecht Stein 8th Grade – FPMS
Sammie Sorsby Jones 8th Grade – FPMS
Sarah Tersigni 9th Grade – VHS
Sixtine Ronchi 9th Grade – VHS
Smrithi Chandy 8th Grade – FPMS
Sydney McCrea 8th Grade – FPMS
Taylor Childs 8th Grade – FPMS
Vanessa Zon 8th Grade – FPMS​