Oasis Texas Brewing expands to double production



Four Points News

Unable to meet the demand for its craft beer, Oasis Texas Brewing Company is expanding its present facilities by 8,000-square-feet to double production.

“We are unable to fulfill the demand in Austin much less Houston, DFW, etc. This expansion gives us the ability to produce a significant amount of more beer,” said Max Schleder, managing partner and president of Oasis Texas Brewing.

After the expansion is completed in early 2017, the brewery will occupy 20,000-square-feet of the property located on Comanche Trail next to The Oasis restaurant.

“We are adding an additional 20,000 barrels of capacity to our existing 10,000 barrel system. It requires additional cellar space and more fermentation tanks, cold rooms (where packaged beer is stored before shipping) and packaging equipment,” Schleder said.

For the new housing, existing structures are being demolished.

“The size of the equipment needed is too large to squeeze through existing doors. We are taking down buildings and installing a taller steel structure to accommodate new, larger tanks,” Schleder said.

The new building will look more modern but still speak to that familiar Hill Country vernacular, he noted.

Oasis Texas Brewing has experienced rapid growth since its opening in August 2014 by Schleder and those he called the brewery “all-stars,” Spencer Tielkemeier, Kirby Kirkconnell and Hamilton Stewart, all of Austin.

Their beers have won recognition, such as its Metamodern label that was named one of the Top 10 Session IPAs by Men’s Journal and the ThrillList.

It’s a beneficial moniker as session beers, or beer lower in alcohol, are the buzz in breweries.

“As the evolution of the craft beer world turns, session beers have become the new market focus,” Schleder said. “We have specialized in session beers from the start, which was a brilliant strategy by our head brewer, Spencer. We feel we are very well-positioned moving into this expansion,” Schleder said.

While implementing plans to expand production, Oasis Texas Brewing partners have taken time to also infuse a little more revelry into their taproom and food service venue. The taproom has added regular live music on the weekends and they hired Chef Josh Kotschedoff.

“Award-winning craft beer deserves a top notch craft kitchen. Josh has elevated our taproom game in a big way,” said Schleder.

For information on Oasis Texas Brewing beers or for taproom and kitchen hours and menus, go to OTXBC.com or call (512) 284-9407.