OB physician launches in-home clinical care service

Dr. Sally Grogono

Four Points News

Local obstetrician, Dr. Sally Grogono, announces the launch of Luxe OB, a concierge obstetrics practice providing in-home care from the beginning of pregnancy through delivery and into postpartum recovery.

In addition to home-based clinical care, including ultrasound testing, Luxe OB patients will receive 24-hour access to Grogono, personalized childbirth classes and lactation consultation services.

A fifth generation physician who has been in private practice for 16 years, Grogono said she wants to return to the kind of patient care that originally inspired her to become a doctor.

“The relationship between an expectant mom and her OB is a special one. I want my patients to have the kind of one-on-one care that has become almost extinct in modern medicine. Patient care is why I got into medicine and I want to focus on that,” she said.

However, Grogono stops short of full obstetric care via house calls, declining to offer home births. “Delivery will occur in the hospital,” she said.

“Hospitals have the technology and proximity to potential life-saving equipment that can’t be offered at home deliveries, but I will deliver the baby rather than the hospital’s on-call doctor, whom the patient often has never met,” she said.

And while Grogono will be the primary provider, she will partner with other career professionals to offer a full range of services.

Other providers include BB Imaging for ultrasound services. Also, a registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse may accompany Grogono on patient visits as well as a childbirth expert and a lactation consultant. A nurse practitioner may oversee simple visits. After the baby is born, Luxe OB will continue to offer lactation consultation if needed, and the company is looking for fitness and childcare services to contract with, too.

In the event a patient is diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy outside of Grogono’s experience, she said the patient would be referred to another physician.

“I have managed many high-risk pregnancies. There is always the possibility of referral to another physician if appropriate. That decision could be made at the initial consultation or at any point during the pregnancy,” Grogono said.

Grogono’s commitment to a schedule of providing highly personalized health care extends into the future as she is prepared for Luxe OB to grow.

“As our number of patients grow, we will grow accordingly. Some other doctors have even expressed interest in joining us, but for now, we are starting small,” she said.

Grogono has been in practice in Austin since 1999. She and her husband, Jay Wiley, live in River Place with their sons, 10-year-old Dyson and 9-year-old, Anders.

She will continue her current practice with The Ob GYN Group of Austin for the immediate future, but for more information on Luxe OB or to schedule an appointment, call (512) 361-2020 or go to www.LuxeOB.com