Zack’s closed

Zack’s American Bistro in Steiner Ranch is closed. The costs and rent increased and “it was no longer viable,” said co-owner Tracy Shinsel.

High rent cited

Four Points News

After four years in business, Zack’s American Bistro in Steiner Ranch is closed.

“It came down to rent. It started out reasonable and the rate has gone up almost 50 percent since we opened four years ago,” said Tracy Shinsel, Zack’s co-owner. “Finally I couldn’t do it any more.”

The costs and rent increased and “it was no longer viable,” Shinsel said. “We hadn’t been making money for the last year and they, Whitestone REIT, wanted to increase (rent) again.”

In February 2013, Shinsel and Bryan Cromwell opened Zack’s at 5145 RM 620, Bldg. C in the Quinlan Crossing shopping center. On March 9, a lockout notice from the property manager Whitestone REIT/Whitestone Quinlan Crossing was posted on the door stating “delinquency of rent payment.”

Zack’s had around 2,800-square-feet of dining space and an expansive outdoor patio. Shinsel and Cromwell had been working with the property owner regarding rent, maintenance and property tax increases but negotiations failed and their doors were locked.

“This happened very quickly and we were not notified in advance,” Shinsel said.

The restaurateurs are working with their attorney on the situation.

Shinsel and Cromwell, a couple, have been Steiner residents for the past decade and have children in the local schools. The restaurant was named after their family pet, a 128 lb. chocolate lab named Zack.

“Over the last four years it has been our pleasure to serve you all,” Shinsel posted on the Zack’s Facebook page. “We want to thank you all for your support and loyalty over the years and for many of the great people we have come to know… (We) are very sorry that Zack’s will be ending, but as one door closes another opens.”