Barre3 celebrates first year in Four Points

The Barre3 Four Points ribbon cutting ceremony, hosted by the West Austin Chamber of Commerce, was held on March 21, the studio’s one year anniversary. Owner Sarah Regier (center, with large scissors) was joined by her staff and family for the event.

Sarah Regier (left) celebrates her first year in business at her Barre3 Four Points studio with her sons Gavin (left) and Griffin and her husband Mark.

Four Points News

Barre3 fitness studio, located in the Trails at 620 shopping center, celebrated its one year anniversary on March 21.

Steiner Ranch resident and Barre3 owner Sarah Regier taught at local studios for years, and explained that, “People had said to me over the course of the years, ‘Why don’t you ever open up your own studio?’… ‘Why don’t you open something in the Four Points area?’ And I kind of thought about it and thought, why don’t I?”

Regier previously attended college to be an elementary teacher but also got certified as an exercise instructor while still in school, which means she has over 24 years experience teaching fitness. She taught elementary school full-time in California until her first child was born, then continued to lead fitness classes. She’s worked at over 15 different gyms over the course of her career, and in addition to Barre3, is certified to teach a variety of workouts, including kickboxing, step aerobics, and pilates to name a few.

Barre3 first opened locations in Austin just over four years ago, and Regier immediately fell in love with the workouts and the company’s core values: exercise, nourish and connect.

After the Barre3 rigorous screening process for potential studio owners and prior to opening, Regier followed the Barre3 model, offering six months of free pop-up classes all over the Four Points area to introduce the community to the types of workouts they could expect.

Now in what Regier considers to be the “perfect location” in the Trails at 620 shopping center (near Napa Flats and Redfin Seafood Kitchen), the studio itself is bright and airy, with high ceilings and incorporating natural materials such as wood, bamboo and cork. A large play area for members’ children to use during classes is supervised by a staff member at all times to allow parents to take care of themselves without having to wonder if their children are safe and engaged.

“It’s a really unique amenity for a boutique exercise studio to have child care,” explained Regier, “because that’s not always available. Especially for us being in a community where there’s a lot of families, it’s really important,” and a part of the Barre3 business model.

Regier’s love of what she does is written on her face and something she can’t stop talking about.

“I love our clients. I love the connections that I make with everybody, every single class. Hearing their accomplishments… in class but also outside of class. It makes my heart so happy and proud,” she said.

“Our workout is low impact… And we always offer ways to adapt every posture so we can give a modification… and every single person in class can be successful,” while still getting a full-body workout. Regier emphasized that, despite the use of a ballet barre in class, members do not need any kind of a dance background.

The studio currently has six instructors on staff and Regier is about to send a seventh for her Barre3 certification, required of every instructor.

Additionally, all instructors are mentored and trained by Regier, and training is ongoing. “We have workshops, we have an amazing training hub (web)site… We’re always evolving.”

“Every class should feel different,” Regier explained, with different postures and combinations.

In addition to exercising the body, the company encourages its owners to exercise altruism, and Barre3 Four Points donates to multiple school groups and the Viper Nation Education Foundation and hosted a canned food drive at Thanksgiving.

“That’s part of the reasons I fell in love with (Barre3), because it’s not just about the workout. It’s about connecting with your community, connecting with your clients, helping and doing more for the community.”

She has advice for others with big dreams and the desire to follow them. “If you follow your passion and you work really hard — and it takes a lot of work and a lot of time and dedication — if you love it, it won’t feel like it’s work. Being able to do what you love, being successful, it speaks volumes. My advice is to go for it.”

Regier knows she could not have realized her own dream without the help and support of her husband, Mark, and two sons, Griffin, 8, and Gavin, 11. Of his wife, Mark said that, “It’s been a dream of hers for as long as I’ve known her. She’s a very motivated individual and very dedicated… I am very proud. She’s always worked hard at whatever she’s done.”

Regier was recently offered what she calls, “a huge pinch-me moment, a huge honor,” when Barre3 national invited her to be one of only four studio owners in the U.S. to film an online class from their headquarters in Portland, Ore., currently available online.

Barre3 membership includes access to over 300 online courses, ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, so that members can work out wherever they are, even while traveling. Memberships are available by the month, by the class or with multi-class packages. also includes an index of healthy recipes, blog posts and book recommendations. The Four Points studio even hosts its own book club and sells workout wear, on which members receive a discount.

Regier said, “Barre3 is for everyone. We say it’s for everybody and for every body.”