#BuildTheRoad update

Four Points News

The community’s help has made a difference in getting Washington D.C.’s attention regarding the construction of a second access road to Vandegrift. Leander ISD launched the #BuildTheRoad campaign a month ago at a public forum at VHS, and through tweets, emails, letters and phone calls, Washington is getting the message.

“You have been heard! We are in contact with all members of the regional congressional delegation and both Texas senators. They are concerned and working on your behalf,” according to an update from the Washington contingency on June 15 given to Pam Waggoner, vice president of LISD Board of Trustees and founder of the Four Points Traffic Committee, which is spearheading this effort.

“The Washington contingency has our letters, they have been spoken to and seem to be in agreement with us,” Waggoner said.

She said she received an “excellent” update and plans to be more specific soon.

“For now, we can lay off the emails,” Waggoner posted on the Four Points Traffic Committee Facebook page. “I feel very good about our progress and the plan in action in DC.”

The Washington contingency echoed the same message.

“In the meantime, we can probably ease off on the communications to these offices, as they have had their effect,” the update continued on the FPTC Facebook page. “At the end of the day, all we really want is to sit down with the Fish and Wildlife Service, roll up our sleeves, and solve this ASAP.”

Waggoner expects to hear something back possibly by the end of this week.

Even with the good report, Waggoner encourages more families to be involved, especially those families with younger children who do not have young drivers yet, and who may not realize that there are 2,900 students at Vandegrift which creates traffic challenges.

“We really need those parent to step up help out,” she said.