U.S. Marine reenlists at VHS

U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Travis Ryan (right) was reenlisted into the Marine Corp by Capt. Christopher White at Vandegrift, because Ryan believes in what the school stands for. Gunnery Sgt. Pichardo was part of the ceremony on Friday night. Photo by Bill Seitzler

Four Points News

Travis Ryan, the U.S. Marine Corps representative at Vandegrift High School, was reenlisted into the Marine Corp in a pre-game ceremony on Friday at the Viper football game with Capt. Christopher White.

Staff Sgt. Ryan is a Round Rock native and enlisted into the Marine Corps in August of 2005. Since then, he has served his country honorably on four continents and in 15-plus different countries. He has conducted missions that include: humanitarian assistance, non-combatant evacuation operations and combat logistics support.

Over the past couple years, Ryan has been a part of the Vandegrift community as much as many of the faculty and staff. He noticed that this school stands for something greater than itself and has a pride in its namesake Marine Lt. Matthew Vandegrift and its motto “second to none”.

“This school embodies many of the same values of the Marine Corps such as honor, courage, and commitment,” Ryan said.

His time in the Marine Corps was coming to an end so he applied to re-enlist and was approved. He asked to have his re-enlistment ceremony at VHS because he loves the school and what it represents.