Pumpkin Patch raises money for Dell Children’s






Photos by Ellie Seitzler, Lynette Haaland
By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Many families enjoyed the 8th Annual Steiner Ranch Pumpkin Patch on Sunday at John Simpson Park.

Hundreds of pumpkins served as the backdrop for many photo shoots. Also pumpkins of all sizes were sold with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Dell Children’s Medical Center Foundation.

The patch started with 630 pumpkins and so far has made just under $7,000, said Brandy Finnessey, event organizer.

School in the Hills took 150 of the remaining pumpkins to sell to the public at both the Steiner Ranch and River Place campuses over the next few days through the school’s kindergartener leadership development program.

“(Dell Children’s) is my favorite cause, even treating mental health in children,” said Alicia Marker, founder and head of school.

Last year, the patch raised $9,120 for Dell Children’s.

Paxton Brokaw, 14 months, and Luke Hargett, 3-years-old, enjoy pumpkins.

Zurain, 11 months, and Zia, 7, with mom Nasreen.

Ahan Momin, 7, and brother Zidan, 3, enjoy the
pumpkin patch.

Ruby Day finds the perfect pumpkin with mom Beth, sister Nora, and grandmother Lynn Howes.

Dad, Gal, and mom, Nina, get into the pumpkin patch spirit with children Eden, Amir and Lior.

Nisa with son Samien, 7, and Ariyana, 4.

Noah Brewer, 5, with Amber Bermea and Jared Cole.