Local entrepreneur opens OsteoStrong in Steiner

Deepak and Nomita Suthar – who opened OsteoStrong in Steiner Ranch a few weeks ago – with their children Sonia, who goes to Canyon Ridge Middle School, and Jaiden, who attends River Ridge Elementary.

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

After six startups, a local entrepreneur with an IT background is opening OsteoStrong, which specializes in building bone density and strengthening supporting muscles. Deepak Suthar opened the first Austin location a few weeks ago in Steiner Ranch at the intersection of Quinlan Park Road and RM 620.

“Each year, everyone experiences a steady loss of balance, bone density and muscle strength,” said Suthar, Steiner resident and owner of OsteoStrong Austin. “The amazing physical results we are able to deliver at OsteoStrong strengthen the musculoskeletal system.”

He stumbled upon OsteoStrong last November at a Tony Robbins conference. In March 2018 Suthar resigned from his 25-year career in information technology operations and went all in on OsteoStrong.   

“It was perfect. After six startups, I was searching for fulfillment now instead of money,” Suthar said.

He and his wife Nomita have lived in Steiner for a decade. They were looking for a place for his brother when they found a house they thought was just right for them.

The couple actually met on a blind date in 2001 set up by his cousin in Houston, the first blind date he had ever been on.

“That blind date turned into one of the best things that has ever happened to me,” Suthar said. They got married in 2003.

“We had dual incomes and zero responsibilities – we were out on the town four days out of the week, then we had our first child Sonia in 2007 and our lives were flipped upside down,” he said.   

He was in the midst of the booming startup Bazaarvoice at the time.

“We were just figuring out how we are going to raise our daughter. Working 60+ hours a week was the norm, but we handled it. I must give all the credit to my wife Nomita, she supported me a ton and let me rest while taking care of Sonia in the early days,” Suthar said.

While they were getting the hang of raising Sonia, 20 short months later their son Jaiden arrived. Even though he was somewhat of a surprise, all has worked out well.

“The kids are close enough to where they are best friends and worst enemies at times – classic,” Suthar said.

Now years later — Sonia goes to Canyon Ridge Middle School and Jaiden to River Ridge Elementary — and after some searching, he opened OsteoStrong in early August. The sign went up on Thursday.

“I can finally sink my teeth into a company that will have a massive impact on not only our community, but the world,” he said.

“We have already had half a dozen incredible success stories from our members – this is what fuels me, this is what makes my heart full, this is what I was meant to do. Changing the world, one bone at a time,” Suthar said.

OsteoStrong has clients across the U.S. and internationally. It uses robotic musculoskeletal therapy devices which are designed to help people of all ages and fitness levels increase their strength, agility, balance and posture. According to Suthar, sessions require less than 10 minutes of sweat-free effort per week and results are measurable and happen quickly.

Each device allows members to experience a precise level of force, customized for their musculoskeletal system.

OsteoStrong was invented by Dr. John Jaquish, who based his new system on research in cellular biology, anti-aging, longevity and osteogenesis. A prototype was used by Jaquish’s 80-year-old mother, and she has seen a complete reversal of her osteoporosis diagnosis.

Published clinical research data has shown that osteogenic loading sessions done once a week can increase bone density as much as 14 percent in as little as six months. This can reverse osteoporosis or slow bone loss and improve posture and quality of life, Suthar said.

“Sessions are powerful enough to trigger a physiological response that creates new tissue growth in bones and muscles for days after a single session,” he added. It helps golfers, athletes and those suffering from joint and back pain.

There was a grand opening event on Friday. For more information, visit www.osteostrongatx.com.

Deepak Suthar, Steiner Ranch entrepreneur, opened OsteoStrong Austin. “This is what I was meant to do. Changing the world, one bone at a time,” he said.