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Logeman family leads Community CPR Day after daughter survives cardiac arrest

Catherine Logeman “Thanks” Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services and STAR Flight.

By SARAH DOOLITTLE, Four Points News

The Logeman family has much to be grateful for after their 10th grade daughter, Catherine, survived a cardiac arrest at the beginning of the school year. They hope their experience will encourage others to learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR.

The family is hosting a Community CPR Day in Steiner Ranch on Saturday, Feb. 23 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Towne Square Community Center. Lake Travis Fire Rescue (LTFR) will teach TAKE10 compression-only CPR classes every 30 minutes to anyone 13 and older.

Jennifer and Scott Logeman were both out-of-town on Aug. 17, 2018 — Jennifer with son Connor at his college in South Carolina and Scott with younger daughter Claire in San Antonio for a tennis match. Their 15-year-old daughter Catherine was home in Steiner with her grandparents “Mimi” and “Papa” and at 9:30 p.m. that night was enjoying a snack after a long day out on Lake Travis with friends.

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Steiner HOA board weighs in on “evacuation” route, Spurs “code of conduct” topic among board

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

The Steiner Ranch Master Association board of directors have been weighing in on the proposed Steiner evacuation route, although not all board members agree on the subject. That disagreement has contributed to a revision of the SRMA board member code of conduct and to the topic of  board member dismissal.

As elected officials of Steiner, the board has been fielding some questions from residents about the proposed evacuation routes including F, which has garnered most of the attention from the community.

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Hundreds sign petition against Steiner’s proposed permanent route F

A petition is circulating against the proposed evacuation road “route F” in Steiner Ranch, which Travis County is also proposing to make into a permanent road.

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

A petition entitled “Tell Travis County ‘no’ to route F as permanent road in Steiner” has gained momentum this week with nearly 650 signatures by late Friday morning.

It was launched on Sunday, Feb. 10 and had more than 500 signatures in less than 48 hours showing feedback against route F as a permanent road. The goal of the petition, located at www.change.org, is 1,000 signatures, according to the petitioner, who does not want to be identified.   Continue reading

Valentine’s more special with found engagement diamond

Alyson Horak lost her one-and-a-half carat diamond a few weeks ago and retraced her steps of the day. After much searching, Rick Nordin, owner of Cups & Cones in Steiner Ranch, found the diamond in the parking lot.

By SARAH DOOLITTLE, Four Points News

This Valentine’s, a Steiner Ranch wife and mother-of-two is more grateful than ever for her once lost diamond which was used nearly a decade earlier to declare love with a wedding proposal to her as a graduate student in San Marcos.

January 11 was just another a typical day for Alyson Horak. She dropped off her daughter, Emma, at school, returned home with her son, Bryson, went to Cups & Cones to hear Mr. Rudy perform, went back home, washed laundry and dishes, let the dogs out, hosed off the dogs after they rolled in mud, then trimmed some shrubs growing near the back gate.

The big surprise came when, after all of that, “I was sitting on the back porch talking to my cousin (on the phone),” Horak recalls, “and I looked down… and I noticed there was no diamond,” in her engagement ring.

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