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New LISD superintendent Gearing visits schools, outlines next steps for district planning

River Ridge Elementary first grade

By APRIL S. KELLEY, Hill Country News 

Bruce Gearing, Leander Independent School District’s superintendent as of Sept. 3, holds many titles — world educator, wind-surfer, musician, community member, father, husband, outdoor enthusiast, and self described future-thinker. 

But even with all of the titles, he calls himself a regular person “who has the same failings as everybody else, who has the same struggles as everybody else,” Gearing said. “I choose to be grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had. I choose to live today and choose not to worry too much about what’s happened before. I’m a future-thinker, so I do think a lot about the future, but it’s in an optimistic way.” 

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Four break-ins affect Viper concessions at Monroe Memorial

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

The concession stands at Ed W. Monroe Memorial Stadium have recently been broken into four separate times, resulting in losses and property damage.

The first break-in happened the last weekend of September.

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