Four Mansfield Dam floodgates to remain open until Halloween next week

From Lower Colorado River Authority 2:27 p.m. Oct. 23/Tuesday

— The Four open floodgates at Mansfield Dam are expected to remain open through the end of the month, as LCRA discharges water from the flood pool at Lake Travis. Under current conditions, LCRA does not anticipate having to open additional floodgates on Mansfield Dam over the next few days. However, we are still in a dynamic situation, with additional rain in the forecast through Wednesday night. If it becomes necessary to open additional floodgates, we will alert you officials immediately.

— People downstream of Mansfield Dam should remain vigilant and ready to take action if additional floodgates need to be opened.

— All floodgates at Buchanan and Wirtz dams are now closed.

— Flood operations continue at Inks, Starcke, Mansfield and Tom Miller dams. For current operations underway at the dams, please check LCRA’s Flood Operations Report.

— Lakes Buchanan, Inks, LBJ, Marble Falls and Travis are closed to recreational use and will remain closed until at least Thursday, Oct. 25. LCRA will evaluate lake conditions again on Thursday and determine when each lake will be reopened.

— Property owners may access the lakes for the limited purpose of recovering or securing damaged property from the recent flood, if the property location is known. People are not allowed on the lakes for recreational purposes such as sightseeing, fishing or searching for missing property. Boating on the lakes remains dangerous, and time on the lakes recovering property should be minimized. Flows in the lakes may be swift, and submerged hazards may be difficult to see, especially at night.

— See LCRA’s Flood Operations Report for more on current conditions on the Highland Lakes.

— Check LCRA’s Hydromet for rainfall totals, stream flow and lake levels.

Last week people and news crews gathered to see the opening of the floodgates. They are expected to be open until Oct. 31. Photo by CHRIS STIEHL

Last week people gathered to see the opening of the floodgates. They are expected to be open until Oct. 31. Photo by CHRIS STIEHL

The Highland Lakes watershed is experiencing historic flooding. This is a serious situation and people should take action to protect people and property.