Viper grad, UT student to ride from Austin to Alaska

Maria, a Vandegrift graduate and future graduate of University of Texas, is on her fourth
year of mathmatics.

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Maria Krychniak — 2015 Vandegrift graduate and future 2019 University of Texas graduate from Steiner Ranch — plans to bike more than 4,000 miles from Austin to Anchorage, Ala. this coming summer as part of Texas 4000 for Cancer.

“This might seem like something crazy to do, but this cause is incredibly important to me,” Krychniak said.

“I have witnessed myself feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to comforting some of my best friends and family members left in cancer’s destructive wake,” she said.

Krychniak, who played volleyball at VHS and now is a fourth-year honors mathematics major at UT, didn’t get to know her grandfather. Abuelito Luis passed away from prostate cancer before she was born. Her aunt, Luisa, passed away from breast cancer.

“Luckily, Texas 4000 is built on hope: hope for a better future in which we are no longer afraid of cancer,” Krychniak said.

Her parents, who live in Steiner, are her biggest supporters. Her dad, Piotr, is originally from Warsaw, Poland, and her mom, Luisamari, is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

“My parents worked extremely hard to build a life for our family,” Krychniak said. “I was brought up trilingual and cherish all aspects of my unique heritage and culture.”

Her sisters, Nathalia and Aleksandra, are also an inspiration in the Texas 4000.

Krychniak’s personal goal is to raise $9,000 for cancer research, cancer support services, and Texas 4000’s mission of spreading hope, knowledge, and charity.

“I have seen how cancer can tear people apart, but I have also seen how cancer can bring people together,” she said.

Believed to be Steiner’s first to participate in the Texas 4000 to Alaska, Krychniak hopes to get support from the community and to ride for the community.

“If you have anyone in your life that has been affected by cancer that you would like me to ride for, please feel free to reach out to me,” she said. Email for more information.

Vandegrift grad and soon-to-be University of Texas grad, Maria Krychniak, plans to bike more than 4,000 miles from Austin to Anchorage, Ala. this summer. She is pictured with her parents, who live in Steiner, Piotr and Luisamari and sisters, Nathalia and Aleksandra.

Maria plans to bike over 4,000 miles from Austin to Alaska as apart of the Texas 4000 for
Cancer. She says that despite how crazy it may seem, this feat is important to her.