Route B to be recommended as an emergency, gated evacuation route in Steiner

The Travis County Transportation & Natural Resources department has changed its preference of an emergency route out of Steiner Ranch. On Wednesday, July 3, TNR announced first to Four Points News that it has decided to move forward with recommending route B instead of route F as a gated, emergency only road off of Flat Top Ranch Road in Steiner Ranch.

The team that has been working on an evacuation route out of Steiner Ranch met earlier this year to show Four Points News reasons behind their route choices. On July 3, they changed from recommending route F to route B. L-R David Greear, assistant public works director in the engineering division at Travis County – Transportation and Natural Resources, Kathy Hardin, an engineer with Travis County Transportation & Natural Resources Capital Improvement Projects, and ​Steven Widacki, engineer from M&S Engineering, LLC.
Travis County announced on July 3 that it will now recommend route B as the preferred emergency only, gated route for Steiner Ranch.

“TNR recommends, that because of current funding restrictions, route B is now the preferred route as a gated only, emergency route,” said Kathy Hardin, an engineer with Travis County Transportation & Natural Resources Capital Improvement Projects.

TNR will make this presentation and recommendation before the Travis County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, July 9.

“Although B is not the same level of evacuation capacity (as route F), it will be viable and beneficial and can be constructed with existing funds in place,” Hardin explained.

It is estimated for route B to cost $980,000 to construct and will include the acquisition of two parcels, one on Montview Drive and one that is either an easement or owned by Steiner Ranch Master Association, Hardin said. These acquisitions are not included in the price as far as she knows at this point.

If Travis County commissioners take action and approve this evacuation route on July 9, it could take between a year and 18 months to complete the project, Hardin said.

Engineers who have been working on the Steiner Ranch evacuation route project gathered on March 8 at the Travis County site off of RM 620 near Mansfield Dam to share details. LYNETTE HAALAND