Trick or Treating at the Powells on Canyon Glen

Story & photos by LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Kenneth Powell started decorating for Halloween two decades ago. He started small but each year something new has been added to his display. Some of the graveyard scene are donations from neighbors, some he picks up here or there. He found a gigantic scary figure with big arms and a long red cape at the Salvation Army. It’s the towering centerpiece suspended from a tree.

This year he added the three headed wolf under an arbor, said his wife Christie. Of course the three pairs of eyes all light up red as fog drifts around the yard.

Kenneth and Christie Powell of Canyon Glen Circle in Steiner Ranch
waiting for trick-or-treaters.

Lots of skeletons, zombies and spooky figures are among the tombstones.

Kenneth has a collection of masks he wears. One year as parents would take photos of their kids on the bench in the middle of the yard, he would photobomb the picture and appear from behind the red cape with his pumpkin mask.

Another year he had a scarecrow in his yard leading up to Halloween. When the big day rolled around, he made himself into a scarecrow, with the help of Christie, and stood in the same spot. Sure enough as planned, he was able to subtly trick the trick-or-treaters.

The Powells even make a pot of chili to share with their spectators and friends. They put out lawn chairs and visit with neighbors.

Christie said over the past two decades they’ve seen the kids of their Steiner Ranch neighborhood come by every year, from toddlers to high schoolers and beyond.

Kenneth said he’s tried to pass on his Halloween treasures for someone else in the neighborhood to fuss with. Christie adds that each year it is a little more challenging as they get older and the display gets bigger.

But so far there’s been no takers and instead neighbors come over to help build the fright sight.

On many levels it brings the community together as young and old stop by just to take it all in. They know it is something special.