Travis Co. Sheriff’s reports 211 inmates in isolation due to COVID


MONDAY, April 20, 2020

Total Jail Population: 1692

Inmates in Quarantine: 18

Inmates in Isolation: 211

Quarantine houses inmates who are experiencing virus-like illness symptoms. About 1/3 of them have no symptoms and are in quarantine because they either refused to answer CDC guideline questions or answered yes to all CDC guideline questions on intake. They’re housed in quarantine until cleared by our medical staff. Quarantine is on a separate floor from all other inmates. Each inmate is in a single-occupancy cell and is seen twice a day by medical professionals. 

Isolation: ALL newly booked, (healthy) inmates are held in single-occupancy cells for the first 10-14 days as another layer of protection to keep COVID-19 from entering our general population. If an inmate doesn’t show symptoms within that 10-14 day time period, our medical staff is more confident that it’s safe to introduce that person into the general population. We implemented this process on March 30th with approval from Texas Commission on Jail Standards.


These are overall totals


16 tested:  14 negative, 2 pending

(Inmates are tested at the discretion of the treating physician.)    

TCSO Employees:         TESTED       Negative    Positive      Pending

(Law Enforcement)      9                 8                 0                 1

(Corrections)                 13               11               2                 0

(Admin. & Support)     5                 4                 1                 0