Route B evacuation road to connect Steiner Ranch and Montview comment period ends Friday, May 22

Virtual website is found at:

The Route B comment period ends today, May 22. The evacuation route, which was voted on and approved in July 2019, is to connect Steiner, Montview, RM 620.

Travis County’s presentation shares that: “After extensive study and review and consideration of feedback, on July 19, 2019, Travis County Commissioners Court approved moving forward with Emergency Route B. Travis County Transportation and Natural Resources staff has been working with the design engineer, M&S Engineering, and will continue to work with the Montview Acres, Hidden Valley and Montview Harbor neighborhood as we continue the design of Route B.”

Route B connects Flat Top Ranch Road to Montview Drive. The report indicates that this route includes a 20’ wide paved road with 2’ shoulders. Two gates are anticipated with the potential for a third gate. The two planned gates are located at Flat Top Ranch Road and the rear lot line of the Montview Lot. The third gate will be determined by the Montview Lot property owner.

Comments can be made on the last page of the virtual website. The Travis County virtual website is found at:

The Steiner Ranch Neighborhood Association raises some concerns about the plans as posted on its website:

In the event Steiner Ranch needed to evacuate, the route appears to need at least some minimum improvements to be effective.

Along Fritz Hughes Park Rd. there is a cattle guard at the low water crossing that is in poor shape and slows cars down to no more than 3mph (suv’s might fare better, but that doesn’t matter much when traffic will only move as fast as the slowest vehicles when during an emergency – time is of the essence).

Also, the low water crossing itself is perilously narrow and would not be safe for anything coming in (like a first responder vehicle or large equipment) while traffic is going out. None of these shortcomings are being addressed by the County’s current plan.

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