ARC launches COVID-19 vaccine trial, recruiting 250

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

ARC Clinical Research is participating in a prominent COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial in Four Points. The trial is launching this month and seeking 250 patients to participate. 

Dr. Gretchen Crook, principal investigator for ARC Clinical Research, is leading the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial being conducted in Four Points.

“It is the top priority of the United States and the world to find a successful vaccine to prevent the infection and spread of COVID-19,” said Dr. Gretchen Crook, principal investigator for ARC Clinical Research, which is ARC’s medical research department that enables clinical trials. Crook works at the Wilson Parke site in Four Points.

“This vaccine candidate has the potential to save lives and allow us to return to a way of life that will restore our economy, re-connect our friendships, and continue activities we all enjoy,” Crook said.  

ARC is recruiting 250 patients from across Central Texas to enroll in this late phase clinical trial, which is intended to prove the safety and efficacy of the sponsor’s vaccine compound and potentially enable this sponsor to be the first to bring a vaccine to market.  

ARC Clinical Research was selected as a partner in this study based on its long track record of conducting high quality trials and its speed in enrolling study participants, Crook said.

“This is one of many clinical trials currently being conducted by ARC to look at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat diseases that may benefit patients in Central Texas. We are particularly excited to be part of a vaccine trial can literally change the world,” Crook said.

Under Crook’s leadership, ARC has participated in over 35 clinical trials and is currently working on 23 studies for such health conditions as lipid management, inflammatory diseases, infectious disease prevention, uterine fibroids, and others. ARC also participates in pediatric studies, including studies in migraines, infant formula, and two meningococcal vaccine studies. 

For the COVID-19 trial, ARC will be recruiting for the next couple weeks, or longer if needed.

Participants will be compensated for their time and contributions to the clinical study. All COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial services will be delivered at ARC Clinical Research Wilson Parke, located at 11714 Wilson Parke Ave.  

“This study offers an opportunity to be a part of history and benefit humankind.  There are 7 billion people in our world who will need access to a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infection, and ARC Clinical Research is thrilled to have a role in bringing a vaccine to Americans,” said Jeff Repper, director of ARC Clinical Research.

ARC Clinical Research is a division of Austin Regional Clinic, a physician-owned multispecialty medical group with 350 physicians and clinicians committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services throughout the greater Austin area.  

To start the enrollment process for the COVID-19 vaccine study, go to or call 512-225-5931.