Rare Winter Wonderland in Austin

Josh and Turbo Submitted by Kelley Rankin

A half-foot of snow this week brought neighborhoods together as kids and adults alike took to sleds, skies, boogie boards, wakeboards and other contraptions to slide down streets and hills filled with snow.

The National Weather Service reported snowfall in the Four Points area ranged from 5 to 7 inches early Monday, Feb. 15.

School was canceled during the winter storm and roads were closed. Many stores, businesses, shops and churches were shut down for several days as the area experienced rolling, electrical blackouts and loss of power for many. Water districts were affected as well during the storm.

But in the midst of the challenges, the snowfall brought much joy and laughter to many who rarely see trace amounts of snow in Austin. The record accumulation in Austin was 11 inches on Nov. 22-23 in 1937.