Cell phone data, DNA links Round Rock man to kidnapping attempt in Grandview of girl, 10

Logan Patrick Montgomery is charged with aggravated kidnapping of a 10-year-old girl in Grandview Hills.
Austin Police Department

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Logan Patrick Montgomery, 19, was charged with aggravated kidnapping after police say he attempted to abduct a 10-year-old girl in Grandview Hills in mid May.

“I’m posting an update regarding the attack on our daughter in May. The man was caught:

There was DNA evidence, geofencing evidence, and he confessed,” the victim’s father’s post was on Nextdoor on July 6.

According to an Austin Police Department arrest affidavit obtained by KXAN-TV, cell phone data and DNA from the girl’s shorts linked the Round Rock man to the kidnapping attempt. Montgomery was arrested on July 2.

Montgomery saw the victim riding her bike in a wooded area near RM 620 and Wilson Parke Avenue, KXAN reports. Police say Montgomery was standing on the trail when he asked the victim to help search for his lost cat, which they looked for for a short period of time.

Montgomery distracted the girl by pointing to a dark-colored car parked near the dead-end of the trail, she told police. Then, Montgomery grabbed her by the waist with one hand and covered her mouth with the other hand, carrying her back toward a tree line, the affidavit states.

KXAN reports that Montgomery then slipped on a steep decline, allowing the victim to get out of his grasp, according to the affidavit. The 10-year-old victim turned and walked away before running back to her bike and going home, the affidavit says.

APD interviewed the victim and her parents and since her shorts hadn’t been washed since the day of the incident, police were able to identify a DNA profile on them, the affidavit states.

There was enough DNA to link Montgomery once he was identified, according to the affidavit.

Another tool APD used was a geofence search warrant to Google, KXAN reported. After eliminating most devices, one caught the police’s attention. The device was identified as a potential suspect as it stayed in the mapped out area for the specified time period. The device was linked back to a Round Rock address and an email address connected with Montgomery, the affidavit says.

Then a search warrant to Montgomery’s Google account linked his device to the neighborhood and wooded area in Grandview around the time of the alleged abduction, the affidavit says.

On July 2 police detained Montgomery to execute a DNA search warrant, KXAN reports that the affidavit states.  The suspect asked police why his DNA was needed. Police stated that he wasn’t under arrest but asked if he was willing to go to an office to discuss the warrant. 

The affidavit states that at the APD office, Montgomery initially denied any connection to the alleged kidnapping. But he confirmed the victim’s account of the incident after police explained the cell phone data from the area and asked him about a DNA link to the victim’s shorts.

Additionally the victim’s father added on the Nextdoor post that a man by the same name as Montgomery joined the local Nextdoor group on July 5.  “I reached out to our moderator to have him removed and I deleted our May post because I simply do not want the attacker or anyone connected to him to know anything about us.” 

The father also added on the post: “We just spoke with the detective and found out the person who joined is likely the attacker’s father and he does live in our neighborhood.”

The father’s post continued, “I harbor no ill will towards the father but we also want no contact with him. His son was staying with him at the time of the attack. We don’t know because we’ve had no contact with the family but it is possible that, if the attacker gets out on bond, he could end up back in our neighborhood. We’re going to talk to the detective again to see if there is anything we can do to make sure that doesn’t happen.” 

KXAN reported that Montgomery was booked into Travis County jail at just after midnight on July 3 with the first-degree felony offense. He was being held on a $450,000 bond as of mid last week.