Restroom vandalism at VHS

Vandegrift High School

Shared by Vandegrift HS Principal Charlie Little at 10:33 a.m. on Sept. 14″

Restroom Update

Yes, we need to update you on restroom access


Do to an unfortunate TikTok trend on social media, schools nationwide have had a rash of new bathroom vandalism. Vandegrift has experienced the impact of this trend as a handful of students made the poor choice to destroy some of their own facilities in the name of temporary notoriety. Clearly, causing damage to the very restroom you personally access, requiring the tax entity that your parents and community support to repair, is a poor decision. In addition, this a time drain on our Assistant Principal Team during an already stressful school year.

In most cases, the students involved have already been identified and consequences; however, the resulting damage caused by the pranks has required us to close some restrooms for repair. THE RESTROOMS ARE NOT CLOSED TO PUNISH STUDENTS. AS AS CAMPUS, WE NEVER PUNISH THE WHOLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF A FEW. We believe in potty parity and fair and equal access to all facilities for our students.

We are down 7 custodians, and they are making the cleaning and repairs as quickly as possible to reopen restrooms. At this time, there a at least 3 full bathroom suites open in Building 1. If a student is unsure where to go, they should ask a teacher or administrator for assistance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new issue. Always remember that most of our students are amazing every day, and this is not a reflection on their work this year.

Charlie Little

What is the school bathroom challenge?

The school bathroom challenge, according to Distractify, is a trend on TikTok that sees students stealing seemingly random items from their schools. The trend started with bathroom items like soap and toilet paper dispensers, but it’s since spread to objects like tiles or sinks. The online publication states that plenty of young people obviously find the bathroom challenge highly amusing, but a backlash has also been fomented against the trend.