Great horned owl rescue on Lake Travis

Lech Kozubek was enjoying a boat ride on Lake Travis with his son when they spotted a great horned owl in distress. “I think if we had not come along when we did the bird would not have made it,” said Pawel Kozubek, Lech’s son.

Great horned owl after Austin Wildlife Rescue warmed him up and fed him.

By LYNETTE HAALAND , Four Points News

Pawel Kozubek took his dad sightseeing on Lake Travis on a recent Sunday morning but the trip didn’t last long before they came across a great horned owl in distress.

“The owl was floating in the water, stuck and could not fly away. Unfortunately there was no wind or waves that could have pushed it to shore,” said Kozubek.

He and his father, who is visiting from out of town, were in the middle of Lake Travis on October 17. They planned on a long ride upriver but 10 minutes out they came across the owl on the verge of drowning.

“When we slowly pulled up, it had its wings fully extended to help it float and to lay its head above water,” he said.  

Kozubek, of Lakeway, is always on the lookout for trash and floating objects. Usually he picks up hats and trash when he can. 

“This looked like an otter at first and when we got close enough we realized it was an owl,” he said.

After some careful maneuvering the father-son duo was able to pull the owl out and wrap him up. 

“He looked confused and cold but by the time we got him to the Austin Wildlife Rescue center, he was standing and all puffed up,” Kozubek said.  

The rescue staff said he needed warmth, food and drink. The owl was moved to the rescue’s rehabilitation center in Elgin where x-rays showed there were no broken bones or major injuries. 

“He’s also pretty feisty, which is a good sign,”  Kozubek said. 

“They did a fantastic job getting him warmed up after being in the water for so long,” he added. “These folks are the real heroes and care for all kinds of animals including our owl friend.”