7th annual River Place Sun Tree dodgeball game

7th annual River Place Sun Tree dodgeball game

As Thanksgiving approached, so did the hunger for the 7th annual SunTree Dodgeball game.  

Kids, parents, grandparents, friends, cousins and pets started stretching an hour before the official start time of the 7th annual Sun Tree Dodgeball game in River Place last month.

“We cancelled our family trip  just so we could make this!” said Alonso Ardilla.  

With well over 100 people in attendance on Thanksgiving, two groups quickly bubbled to the top. The word was out with the 7th and 9th grade classes as the battle royal took place, only to see the 9th graders retain their crown.  

“Fought to the end… a small shoe adjustment will tip the scales for us next year” said 7th grader Slade Ceder.  When asked about his comments on their formidable opponent, Jackson Antoon replied simply with “What 7th graders?”

It was clear that some challengers waited in the wings with the strong play of the 4- to 6-year-old group. The Gaudet family looks promising for a threat in the very near future. 

Unfortunately, the mom vs offspring game was once again an overwhelming win for the kids.  But through the smoke of the destruction another star emerged.  Tina Stevens, mother of three of her opponents, almost single handedly pulled the moms back into the game. 

“She was like part ninja and part matrix, with stealth moves, wicked fast reactions and a determined look in her eyes,” said Matt Conkey.  

In the end, exhaustion settled in and players reluctantly acknowledged it was time to call it a day. And this year, with record crowds and the longest stretch of games, the loyal group managed to stay injury free. Although there might have been a few checkups scheduled with the orthopedic team.

Fun was had by all.   

Organizer Matt Conkey submitted this exciting recap.