Academic UIL rocks region, Vipers head to state

The Vandegrift Academic UIL team competed at regionals at the University of Texas – San Antonio on April 22-23. Several students earned coveted advancements to the state competition.

“All students worked hard and did an excellent job representing the values and academic excellence at Vandegrift High School,” according to Vandegrift staff. 

VHS shares a special thanks to: Galen Goodreau, who ran the computer science contest for the region; Roberto Ortiz, who arrived extremely early and worked all day to support the students; Christopher Lindsay, who transported students and stayed all day; Melanie Stamps, Candace Nassar, and Jessica Stamp for supporting their students over the weekend.

Headline Writing

Kate Denning – 3rd place, advances to state


Angelica Burtscher – 2nd in biology, state alternate

Spelling & Vocabulary

Nihar Janga – 1st place, advances to state

Social Studies

Grace Park – 3rd place, advances to state

Computer Science

Sean Gray – 2nd place, advances to state

Ayush Singh – 3rd place, advances to state

Andrew McAlinden – 4th place, state alternate

2nd place team (Andrew McAlinden, Sean Gray, Ayush Singh, Rohit Alamgari), state alternate


Brooke Moore – 2nd place, advances to state

Sydney Paul – 3rd place, advances to state

2nd place team (Sydney Paul, Brooke Moore, Miranda Saenz, Kaylen Taylor) advances to state as wildcard