Local HOAs raise concerns about RM 620 safety in Four Points

Three local homeowners associations come together to raise concerns about traffic safety along RM 620 especially from Concordia University Drive to the RM 2222 intersection.

The Parke HOA president, the Ridge HOA president and the Estates HOA president collaborated on a letter and sent it to Travis County Commissioners office, Precinct 3. Ann Howard is the commissioner for Precinct 3.

Open letter to Travis County Commissioners office, Precinct 3:

This is a joint urgent request from three Homeowner Associations in your precinct located near The Trails Commercial Center near RM 620 and 2222 in Four Points, related to traffic safety hazards.

The HOAs would like to express our concern regarding frequent near misses in this section of RM 620 almost daily.  This is due to U-turns and left-hand turns occurring in front of the new Trails commercial development (Center at Four Points) and the adjacent apartments (Elwood). While there have been some vertical plastic poles (delineators) installed with the intent of stopping this U-turn activity, the poles do not extend far enough along the road to discourage the turns.

Homeowners here are reporting significant issues with cars turning in front of them. The speed limit on RM 620 is such that when a car makes a U-turn in front of a car traveling on the road, a very serious accident can occur. A suggestion would be to place a barrier on the middle lane of RM 620 that would prevent such turns.

In the last 18 months, there have been 310 vehicular events along this corridor.  Each with its own story, we need traffic safety now. We immediately need some kind of median or physical barrier in place to avoid this behavior. People literally drive around the ‘do not enter’ signs -sometimes running them over. This already congested area is becoming increasingly dangerous to the people of Four Points. 

We also have increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic along this entire section that would greatly benefit from having a dedicated shared-use trail and pedestrian bridges, well-lit and away from the road. This would improve economic access to local businesses, too:

  • The food truck parks on both sides of 620, just south of 2222 have many cars, bicycles, foot traffic,   
  • Concordia University students traverse across 620 to get into the Trails development (at both Wilson Parke Avenue and Concordia Drive),
  • Adults and children walking from the apartments to both H-E-B’s (Anderson Mill Road and Four Points),
  • Bike clubs and sport runners use the 620 medians

Last month, members of the  TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) shared with us that they are awaiting funding to make the planned improvements along the 620 corridor. We would like to know what your office is doing to proactively secure this on behalf of your constituents.


Shawn FewLarry HaworthAbe Oeltjen
Parke HOA PresidentRidge HOA PresidentEstates HOA President