Vandegrift Viper varsity football 2022 & sports med

2022 Vandegrift varsity football team with coaches, athletic trainers and VHS sports med students. PHOTO TEXAS PHOTOGRAPH


Drew Sanders

VHS Football Head Coach

  1. What do you expect to see in the district this season?

Our district is always gonna be one of the toughest in the state. We’ve got a Round Rock team that has a ton of people back and has had a lot of success. Manor is new to the district and they pose tons of Division 1 talent.

  1. How do you expect Manor to impact the season?

Manor, in particular, they’ve had a ton of 5A success and a majority of their team is coming back and so they’re kind of built for immediate success in 6A in addition to having a Division 1 commit tailback.

        3) What seniors are stepping into leadership roles?
Our leadership starts with our quarterback Brayden Buchanan returning district MVP and he’s a good leader. In addition to that we’ve got one of our running backs Alex Witt, who will be a big force, and Ian Reed, also a returning starter from last year, and a nationwide recruit. We have excellent leaders from our senior leadership so we’re thrilled about those guys on the offensive side. Oliver Yndo is an anchor on the defensive line.

4) What areas do you need to work on to improve?

In the secondary and with new linebackers, I feel like we have talent there. We had an excellent JV and freshman team but we’ve got some unproven guys so we need to see them. There’s no way to get great except to get experience so we got to get in there and play and make mistakes… so we’re ready for Stony Point (Sept. 16 district opener). 

5) How’s your offense and defense shaping up?

On the offensive side, I feel like we got a running game that should be strong once again. Passing game wise, Miles Coleman and RayJeanjon Middleton as wide receivers and Beck

Ormond, they’ll make consistent plays and I’m super excited. 

There’ll always be some guys that will surprise us too.

On the defensive side junior Alex Foster was a district newcomer of the year at our dime back position. I expect to see him making a ton of plays in addition to Andrew Scott, who is returning. 

We’re thrilled about this leadership.

Varsity Roster

Alex Witt 12
Miles Coleman 11
Hudson Lilie 12
RayJean Middleton 12
Braden Holter 12
Brayden Buchanan 12
Andrew Scott 12
Alex Foster 11
Connor Freeman 12
Braden Agnew 12
Jordan Oliver 11
Drew Mestemaker 11
Davis Scott 12
Isaiah Thompson 12
Grant Lindley 12
Beck Ormond 12
Charlie Oliver 12
Shane Held 12
Brycen Carter 11
Diego De La Vara Vasquez 11
Cruz Orta 12
Reece Trevino 12
Tyson Green 12
Luke Miller 11
Ben Emanuel 11
Noah Kalberer 10
Zaid Oliver 11
Cruz Carrasquillo 11
Hayden Arnold 12
Bryce Altrudo 11
Brendan Fournier 10
Cole McQuain 12
Will Murphy 12
Dhruv Vohra 12
Preston Cooley 12
Sam Fitzgerald 12
Henry Wang 12
Roman Hernandez 12
Daeshon Morgan 10
Oliver Yndo 12
Blaine Becker 11
MD Conner 12
Brayden Stille 12
David Overhauser 11
Jayden Harris 12
Will Shay 12
Austin Spieles 12
Gage Garrison 11
Ben Booher 11
Braeden Gradwell 12
Brady Winterton 12
James Gullett 12
Ian Witt 10
Mikey Pearle 12
Rylan Wisdom 11
Archer Spelman 12
Vincent Cuthbert 12
Ian Reed 12
Kellar Echols 12
Ryan Je ries 12
Ryan Dewhurst 12
Blake Fraizer 11
Sam Perry 11
Jacob Kawamura 12
Tucker Mellard 12
George Farley 10
Sebastian Kveton 11
Jase Skoglund 11
Ethan Wood 11
Dequail Merritt 12
Daemian Wimberly 12
Head Coach: Drew Sanders
Offensive Coordinator: Blake Mouser
Defensive Coordinators: Nate Griffi n and Josh Young