Concerned Steiner residents start recall effort for 5 on the Steiner Ranch Master Association board 

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Concerned residents in Steiner Ranch are launching an effort this week to try to have five members of the 7-member Steiner Ranch Master Association HOA board recalled. 

“I think everyone’s been frustrated for a while,” said one of the concerned residents. “(The HOA) got a loan and are trying to do these big endeavors but the rest of our community is in disrepair. It’s embarrassing.”

The concerned residents live in Towne Hollow, Las Brisas, Lakewood Hills and Emerald Ridge subdivisions within Steiner.  

“We want to install a ‘need’ focused board and not a ‘want/wish for’ board,” they shared.

According to the group, “The long standing board of directors has not demonstrated the leadership skills needed to keep Steiner Ranch in the state that we all long for. Some of the board members don’t have the professional expertise, desire, and proper fiduciary duty to perform their job. Our community and its amenities have been neglected and not maintained and are in desperate need of costly repair, which could have been avoided if they were properly maintained.”  

“We are challenging our community to step up together and make a change,” they added.

They are petitioning the SRMA Board of Directors to call a special meeting to recall the following board members:

  • Lawrence Spinetta – District 1 – Beverly Ridge, The Casitas, The Fairways, Lakeview, UTGC and The View
  • Raj Singh – District 2 – Bellagio Estates, The Headlands, Longhorn Canyon, Majestic Oaks, The Estates at Westridge and The Hills at Westridge
  • Naren Chilukuri – District 3 – Canyon Glen, parkside, River Heights Grove, River Heights Overlook, Shire Ridge and Towne Hollow
  • Jonathan Garriss – District 5 – Belcara, The Bluffs, Emerald Ridge, The Grove, Mediterra, Monterrey, Palisades, Santaluz, Sierra Vista and Tierra Grande
  • Chris Langevin – At-Large 2 of 2

The concerned residents are launching a “Petition for Special Meeting” this week to try to get at least 33% or some 1,300 SRMA residents of the community to sign it.

The petition states: “The undersigned members representing 33% or more of the SRMA hereby petition the board of directors to set the earliest reasonable date for a special membership meeting for the recall of the following board members and election of new board members for the recalled positions.” 

According to the concerned residents, the goal of this board recall is to provide Steiner with a board of directors who will prioritize the community. The following list includes the main areas of focus for the group launching the petition. 

  • Stop expansion efforts for Towne Square 2.0 and close loan that was taken out for over $2 million, 
  • Manage the clearing of green belts to ensure homeowners properties are not adversely impacted –Las Brisas is a perfect example of an over zealous clearing of greenscape, 
  • Maintain the landscaping and add security at the mail kiosks,
  • The playscape, landscaping, pools and splash toys all need major maintenance at both Bella Mar and Towne Square,
  • Pools and amenities need commercial grade furniture that will last in the Texas heat and be a reflection of the community,
    • The Steiner pools and pavilions are not just used by residents but also by groups, teams and organizations visiting Steiner.
  • The Lake Club and dog park projects need to be examined closer. Combined the SRMA board voted to spend between $1 million – $1.2 million, the exact amount is hard to obtain because of poor accounting records. 
    • It could also be noted that there were not any actual permits or drawings that the contractor used to build from and the contractor is known for their residential kitchen and bath renovations, according to the concerned petitioners.
  • Make corrections to the Lake Club that would increase the functionality and use of the property by Steiner boaters.
  • What should be done with the fenced dog park that has no landscaping?  How can it be improved to blend in with the rest of Steiner Ranch?
  • The HOA office is in a state of despair and has not been repaired from the freeze in March 2021. There is not any flooring and wood framing, plumbing and electrical is exposed on the bottom 24 inches of walls.

“We want Steiner Ranch to be maintained and repaired so we have the amenities that our community deserves,” said the concerned residents. 

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Steiner Ranch HOA office has yet to be repaired from the freeze in March 2021, according to the concerned residents who are bringing forth a recall petition. There is not any flooring and wood framing, plumbing and electrical is exposed on the bottom 24 inches of walls.