Milky Way at River Place building 30 condos

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

The permit for Milky Way at River Place has been approved to build 30 condominiums and construction has started back up since being halted in the spring.

The site plan permit was approved a month ago on September 30 for the 42-acres site at 10100 Milky Way Dr. 

Although the site plan shows closer to 68 housing sites, the project at this point is only approved to build 30. 

But there is language on the cover sheet saying that they can up the count to 68 if they get an emergency access road, according to sources close to the subject.

Austin Christian Fellowship filed a public document on October 13 with Travis County saying that they and the owners of the Children’s Courtyard of Austin property have the right to void the access restriction easement.

So far the city of Austin has ruled that ACF does not have authority to create an emergency access road to River Place Boulevard but ACF is contesting that, sources say.

At this point, it is unclear if the city of Austin or the River Place HOA will agree with that claim, sources say. 

As of late September, the permit was issued by the city of Austin for the construction of 30 single-family condominiums with parking, drives, drainage, water quality and detention, and utilities for a total of 7.9 acres impervious cover or approximately 24%, per the approved plans.

The project is located within the West Bull Creek watershed and it is located within the city’s full-purposed jurisdiction.

The property owner listed on the permit is Milky Way Holdings GP, LLC. Developer MileStone Community Builders has been working on building this project for more than six years.

Residents who live in the 25 homes on Milky Way Drive and throughout River Place have voiced their concerns about proposed development at the end of Milky Way Drive. 

Developer MileStone started prepping the site late 2021 and early 2022. But then in the spring, the project was halted by the City of Austin Zoning and Platting Commission.  

River Place residents have cited safety concerns of the project including: added traffic which would affect children walking to nearby River Place Elementary; and adding density to the community and how that impacts emergencies such as potential wildfire. The site is located in undeveloped land and River Place sits in an area that has high potential risk for wildfire.