Steiner “porch pirate” suspect arrested

This person was seen taking packages from apartments at Meritage at Steiner Ranch on November 29. A local resident called 9-1-1 which led to the suspects arrest. JON EBERT Photo

A suspected package thief was arrested on November 29 by Travis County Sheriff’s Office. JON EBERT photo

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

A package thief was arrested recently after an observant witness called 9-1-1 and followed the suspect.

Kristen Dark of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office shared that the incident happened at 4500 Steiner Ranch Blvd. in Steiner Ranch and was reported just before 1 p.m. on November 29..

“Keep your eyes out,” posted Jon Ebert on Nextdoor. “People are in Steiner Ranch stealing packages. I chased them down and had dispatch on the phone until they got pulled over and arrested.” 

The caller provided a description of the vehicle which helped the sheriff’s office find the suspect.

“Someone at an apartment complex witnessed a package being stolen, took a photo of it happening and called 911,” confirmed Dark. “A TCSO deputy was nearby and intercepted the vehicle on FM 620. An arrest was made.”

Dark also spoke to the detective on this case and he advised her that some ways to prevent having packages stolen are:

  • Amazon Lockers – locations all over Austin
  • Mailbox stores – they will receive and sign for packages and keep them secure (for a fee),
  • Lock boxes – you can purchase them online and delivery drivers will put packages inside them,
  • Befriend your neighbors – if you can’t be home when a package is delivered, neighbors are often happy to receive a package for you.

“Camera systems don’t always serve as a theft deterrent, but can be helpful in identifying a suspect after the fact,” Dark added.