Komal Latin Kitchen & Bar builds at new hip location

Volente resident Rolando Osorio (far right) is the owner of Komal Latin Kitchen & Bar. The eatery relocated from Steiner Ranch and opened recently at 11320 RM2222 near H-E-B Four Points.

The Luna Hair Salon & Spa team began offering services in mid December in a renovated building at 11320 RM 2222 near H-E-B Four Points.

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Rolando Osorio relocated Komal Latin Kitchen & Bar to the site of the former Apple Lease Returns and opened for business in December at 11320 RM2222 near H-E-B Four Points. 

Komal is a family owned restaurant that was inspired by the many years of Latin American travels by Osorio and the recipes of Gloria Molina aka Abu Tuly, a nickname that means “grandmother tulip.” Menu flavors are from Mexico to Argentina and the Caribbean.

The Volente resident answers a few Four Points News questions about what he envisions at his new, hip site. 

1) What inspired you, a construction company owner, to open Komal?I was a chef for eight years while going to college and supporting my education and  my family. Good and quality food has always been my passion2) Share about the move to 2222 over the past several months, why is this a better fit?The community around Four Points is more diverse and supportive.  The location is also an added bonus3) How long have you and your family lived in the Volente area?We have been in the Volente area for the last 20 years. We see a community with more appreciation of nature. The hills and the lakes remind us of our own upbringing in Central America4) How long have you been in the construction and remodeling business?The construction business started to be as a necessity, it is now the main source of our family income, the restaurant is our passion 5) How many acres is the property and what else is happening on the site? The property is about an acre.  We are planning on bringing 2-3 food trucks to balance the food selection, maybe sushi?The property has a playground, a splash pad for kids, an enclosed doggy park and the hair salon, Luna Hair Salon & Spa.We are planning on bringing live music entertainment 3-4 times a month.6) What is the menu favorite?My menu favorites are the Peruvian ceviches and the Colombian bistek encebolllado. These two are also our customers’ favorite  dishes as well.7) What else can you share about your vision for Komal Latin Kitchen & Bar?We want Komal to be the local family restaurant and bar where you could experience our delicious food and refreshing drinks, while the kids can have fun at the playground, the splash pad or playing one of our outdoor games.  We envision a place to enjoy different live bands from around the world. A place to relax and have fun for you and your family.Komal opens at 11 a.m.  Wednesday – Sunday and is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.