Stolen vehicles reported in Steiner around New Year’s 

A photo of the Moore’s 2017 black Explorer on the left
just moments before it was stolen by the occupants of the
sedan with the lights on.

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Cade Moore was taking out the trash on December 30 and noticed something missing. “Babe, where’s my car?” he asked. “What do you mean where’s your car?” his wife Samantha answered back. 

They checked their Ring camera and at 4:55 a.m. at their Steiner Ranch home they saw a golden sedan pull up and a small, black SUV.

“They tried my car and my neighbor’s car and then walked across the street and stole our car,” Samantha shared. 

Another resident posted on Nextdoor: “So many cars were stolen or ransacked through last night: a 2017 Honda Shire Ridge Dr, the black Explorer on Appaloosa Chase, and another from Rayo de Luna in Río Mesa.”

Kristen Dark, Travis County Sheriff’s Office public information officer, confirmed these incidents.

“I can confirm that we responded the reports of a stolen vehicle at each of the three streets listed on December 30. One of the vehicles was recovered the same night it was stolen,” Dark said.

Another Steiner resident posted on Nextdoor: “We live in Shire and the owners of the Honda posted their camera caught video of the perps trying to open all cars in the cul-de-sac before taking off with the Accord. They left their own car engine and lights running.”

Dark shared, Travis County Sheriff’s Office strongly advises against leaving a vehicle unlocked, and especially not with the keys inside the vehicle.

Once the Moores noticed their vehicle was stolen, they called Travis County Sheriff’s Office right away and filed a police report.

“We don’t think it will be found to be honest. We’re sad because our toddler’s car seat was in the car and my husband’s golf clubs, and his new golf bag he got for Christmas,” Samantha shared. The couple has lived in Steiner since February 2021.

At this point they are considering it a loss. 

“We’ve driven around to try and find it but there’s like a sense of violation now,” she said. 

Their 2017 black Explorer had the license plate PFP0183, a firefighter sticker on back, mountain decal on the back window and an American flag decal on the other back window. 

“We’re grateful nothing of significant value was in the car but my husband is obviously sad his golf clubs were stolen and I’m bummed our car seat was stolen,” she said. “You would think someone would see a car seat and not take the car right? Like clearly a family needs the car but crappy people don’t think that way.”

The Moore’s have never had this happen before and never want it to again.

“My advice, don’t forget to lock your cars, because one day you’ll forget and that will be the day someone crappy will decide  to steal it,” Samantha said.