WCID’s $5.9M water line upgrade project begins on Quinlan Park Rd.  

Travis County Water Control and Improvement District No. 17 will soon begin Phase I of a $5.9-million investment in the future of Steiner Ranch. 

This project will upgrade the existing main water line that runs along Quinlan Park Road from University Club Drive to just north of River Ridge Elementary. The upgraded distribution lines will address the need to increase system resiliency for rated fire flow and continued operations in adverse conditions. 

“This project is critical to ensuring the long term viability of the Steiner Ranch system,” said Jason Homan, WCID No. 17 General Manager. “Specifically, with the increased density in the south Steiner peninsula, we are seeing a future need for water capacity and fire flow protection that is larger than that planned for during initial design 20+ years ago.” 

This major water line project will help with another of the district’s long term plans: making the Steiner/Comanche Trail area’s water system independent of the rest of WCID No. 17 from an operational standpoint. The non-profit public utility provides water and wastewater services to approximately 50,000 people in the Lake Travis area in western Travis County. 

In addition to providing a constant flow of water pressure during peak usage, the project will allow the Steiner system to operate independently from the southern portion of the district, significantly improving the district’s operations, maintenance and its ability to respond in emergencies. 

The district anticipates a 14-month water line construction schedule that will commence this month and be completed in May of 2024. 

Homan says the project will fulfill multiple needs for the Steiner community as well as the district itself once completed. “This is a multimillion dollar investment by the district that will help to ensure the safe and reliable supply of potable water to the Steiner and Comanche Trail areas for decades to come.”

Starting this month, Travis County Water Control and Improvement District No. 17 anticipates a 14-month construction schedule for the $5.9 million water line upgrade along Quinlan Park Road.