Hogwarts Readathon raises $5000+


Four Points News

Canyon Ridge Middle School hosted its annual Hogwarts Readathon last month which raised money to promote reading.

“I am honored to work alongside people who believe in the power of creating unforgettable reading experiences for kids and teaching them how to have hearts for serving the literacy needs of those less fortunate,” said Mary Virginia Illingworth, CRMS librarian. 

There were 75 CRMS students who raised more than $5000 for books for their classroom libraries, school library and areas of need in Leander ISD . 

“Their goal was $2000. We are all overwhelmed,” Illingworth shared.

After being sorted into houses for the night on March 3, students read for three hours in tents (Hogwarts dormitories) among the library shelves taking breaks to compete in Quidditch tournaments, practice spells and potion making, shop at Weasley’s Store and Honeydukes with their Gringotts coins, test their knowledge of Hogwarts Trivia at the newsstand, dine in the great hall with their houses while competing in a 100 plus person Kahoot Trivia game, and wrap up the evening with a nail-biting spell off that determined the House Cup winner at last: Hufflepuff and Slytherin tied for the House Cup for 2023, Illingworth shared.

Some 20 Vandergrift students from NHS and PALS made the event unforgettably fun for our kids with their enthusiasm, kindness, and generosity of time serving as House Prefects, Quidditch crew and Diagon Alley shop workers. 

Photos by Lynette Haaland