Volente denies controversial short-term rental permit

Volente City Council voted on May 16 to deny a conditional use permit that would have paved the way for a controversial short-term rental to reopen at 16601 Jackson Street, Volente. Map from Google Maps

By LESLEE BASSMAN, Special to the Four Points News

Following almost two hours of testimony on May 16, Volente City Council denied a request by Odessa-based homeowners to approve a conditional use permit for a short-term rental at 16601 Jackson Street, Volente.

The home was termed a “party house” by one of many residents who urged the dais to deny the request, saying that noise and activity loudly emanated from the home through the night and affected their quality of life. Although the Volente Planning and Zoning Board approved recommending the permit with conditions on May 9 after initially tabling the application, those conditions weren’t enough for council to move forward.

Vote count from May 16 Volente meeting

Councilmember Sean Brown: Yes

Councilmember Kit Hopkins: No

Councilmember Mark Metro: No

Mayor Pro-tem Tony Ruff: No

Councilmember Tim McMillan: Recused  

An earlier version of the story had mistakenly shared that the lone vote to approve the measure came from Mayor Pro Tem Tony Ruff but rather it was Sean Brown, councilmember.

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