Club Pilates celebrates first year

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Club Pilates in Steiner Ranch celebrates its first year. 

“It’s been going great,” shared Molly Lindner, director of Club Pilates. “We’ve felt the warm embrace from the Steiner Ranch community.”

Lindner – who is director of several Austin area Club Pilates including Westlake, Northwest Hills, Round Rock and Cedar Park – shares that it is rewarding to see members reach milestones like 100 visits. 

Club Pilates strives for consistency and building routines for wellness and health. “We play the long game,” Lindner said.

Each class is guided by instructors at the small boutique studio “so it’s very much a personal experience,” Lindner said. “We have a wide variety of classes that we teach at three distinct intensity levels.”

Some people supplement with private training to get that individualized support and attention because maybe they’re coming off of an injury or they have a health condition that may be limiting mobility, she shared.

“Pilates is part of the physical therapy which is very in tune to what Joseph Pilates created Pilates for,” Lindner said. 

Some of the early use of Pilates’s exercise methods included World War I internment camps and rehabilitation of seriously injured veterans.

“Then it grew and expanded from there and has become more common for women as a type of fitness,” she added.